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    I feel self-conscious coming here and asking questions because I feel like I should be contributing instead of asking questions. It is difficult not having arthritis and trying to relate to people that do. Then I see that even after hundreds of hours reading books and studying my knowledge is minute compared to board members. Then I have to admit I had no clue what arthritis was until my 21 year old son got psoriatic arthritis.

    But speaking of my son, he was dx a year ago and completed his first month of the protocol. His bloodwork has improved and I hope that is a good sign for relief of his symptoms.
    His sed rate went from 53 to 20;
    Total protein, calcium, IGA, Complement C4, Vitamin D, and RF Igm all went from out of range to in range.
    His ALP,triglycerides, CRP and ACA IgG went from out of range to closer to range.
    His Mycoplasma IgG went backwards, from 1.33 to 1.90.

    His symptoms have stayed the same with the exceptions that his big toe and the one next to it are swelling, but his morning stiffness has gone from 15 minutes in the AM to five minutes.

    He didn’t herx ( the dr. said he didn’t think he would) and the dr is now moving him from 100 mg of minocyclyne/day to 200mg. Hope it works for him and he gets some relief. He is taking meloxicam too. We are trying to keep him off the powerful ones as long as possible. We live in FL and are taking him to a dr. in Riverside CA, whom we will return to for a follow-up in early Sept.

    Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed,


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