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    Last week, Road Back posted a reminder notice on the Board about its policy of not engaging in medical advice.

    In layman?s language, the Foundation asks Bulletin Board participants to bear in mind that this is a peer-to-peer network, for people to share their personal experiences, what has worked/not worked for them or their loved ones, what Doctors and others have said about various issues and to share articles, research, doctors, health care professionals and protocols that they have found helpful. 

    It is sometimes a fine line between doing this and prescribing. Telling others that, if they do or take ?x?[/b] then ?y?[/b] will happen is prescribing. We do not have the knowledge or authority to make absolute statements such as these, nor do we know the individual situations of other people.   

    We ask posters to take care that they do not cross this line in their enthusiasm for a particular view and to be mindful of this in wording their posts.   

    And we remind all participants that posters? views are their own and the Board accommodates a wide range of them. Whilst the Board may be a valuable resource ?it is not wise to use it as a one-stop shop. It is up to us all to do our own research[/i] on what might be right for our individual situations and to consult appropriate health care providers. 

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