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    What an incredible difference in the before and after pictures of your husband, Parisa.  Your son is such a cutie and looks just like his dad.  Lovely family!

    You've had one tough journey, but just look at you now.  So happy for you!

    Take care…..kim


    Well, I figured how to get the picture here without having to go to the link, but now I'm trying to get both pictures in one post. However, if I fail, this is Cisco and Kiara.


    And finally, Me and the boys.
    Joshua, me, Jared and Jeremy



    Very nice picture! Like our family, mom is always the shortest :>)


    Linda's posting her pix across here has also given me a first look at Parisa's photos (I was away when those were put up). Parisa,what a difference! Lynnie

    Be well! Lynnie

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    Recently my son and I had the pleasure of seeing my husband's “office” for the first time in his long flying career.  Security is very tight, but we were allowed special clearance to get in the cockpit of his 747 because he will be retiring soon.  What a machine!

    Lynne G.SD

    Good morning girls;
             I am so glad that this picture format works for my computer,now I can see what people look like.YEA.
            Linda I have a wee cat named Princess who looks exactly like your's.Are you short also or are your boys just darn tall?
           Kimmie,don't tell me this is the first time you have been in the cockpit with all the years your hubby has been flying?????I agree that it is a marvelous thing and despite being retired for a decade I still really miss the flying business.I sure hopr your hubby has some good hobbies because  will be like a dog chasing his tail when he retires.What I don't miss are the early morning get-up times .What I miss the most is the sound of engines starting up on a still summer morning when there are no other sounds  and the city is still sleeping.
     Gosh,you are so cute.


    Wait a minute!!!!!  Are you a pilot TOO???  :shock::shock::shock:


    [user=40]Kim[/user] wrote:

    Wait a minute!!!!!  Are you a pilot TOO???  :shock::shock::shock:

    I was just thinking the same exact thing Kim!  Sheesh!  Our Lynne is a woman of many, many interests and careers!  Ballet dancer and teacher, doctorates, orchids, mom, vet, nutritionist, linguist, student etc. etc. No wonder she keeps her computer in the loo.  Constantly studying and learning and helping others!  (I know you really don't Lynne!  Lol!)

    Love it!
    Hope everyone is doing GREAT!!!  Muah!

    Michelle (Michou)


    Kim, this picture is awesome!  Lovely husband and son and you…you my dear look smashing!


    [user=40]Kim[/user] wrote:

    Recently my son and I had the pleasure of seeing my husband's “office” for the first time in his long flying career.  Security is very tight, but we were allowed special clearance to get in the cockpit of his 747 because he will be retiring soon.  What a machine!

    Kim, awesome pic! So incredible to think you haven't been able to see his “office” due to security. Way back when, when I was a child and traveling with my family to far flung places, the stewardessess used to take us up to visit the pilot so we could get our Junior Jet Club books signed. Anyone remember those? It was a log of all the flying miles you'd done and you'd get badges and little mementos when you had so many miles logged…but you needed that pilot's signature! The pilots were fantastic and would let us sit up there with them for 10 or 15 mins and watch the horizon or tell us a bit about their jobs. Times she have changed, eh? Thanks for sharing this lovely pic….you are such a good looking family and bet your hubby was thrilled you could finally see 'where' he works!

    Peace, Maz

    Eva Holloway


    I remember the first time I came to the States, my oldest son was about 2 1/2 years and the stewardess took him to see where the pilots sat and he received a small set of wings. Memories:blush:


    nice meeting your family, I think it is great to see each others family and to know they are there for you. You are looking great.:D


    Eva Holloway

    Joe M

    Hi Kim,

    What a cool picture!  I was wondering, has your husband ever seen anything strange in the sky?  I ask because I knew a commercial pilot who told me it is not uncommon for pilots to report UFOs that the public never hears about, one was even reported by pilots in different planes.



    Hi Gang,

    Thought I would share some pictures of what I'm up to this winter.  Hard to believe that this past summer I thought I would never snowboard again and now I'm on the mountain every day…working on my snowboard!  I still have a ways to go…I've still got migratory pain and swelling, but I'm sure I will keep improving. 

    The first two pictures are of my boyfriend, Nathan and me at work.  (Yes, I get paid to be out there!)  The last one is of a good friend and me enjoying a day off. 

    Thank you all for your support and advice  through all this. 




    Joe M, I knew we'd eventually get around to aliens again! It's always the aliens.

    Lynne G. My cat often gets called princess b/c that's what she believes she is. I am short but my boys are tall, their father was 6'1″ and Josha nd Jeremy are about that height as well. Jared comes in shortest at about 5'9″, but he was on steroids for 3 months after a lovely week in ICU when he was 7, and after that his growth really slowed down. Love that prednisone!
    Btw, I submitted the pic of Cisco and Kiara to icanhascheezburger.com a few days ago, and so far 11 people have made lolcats with it! So now they're internet stars!:P I don't even know what to say about your latest revelation, of being a pilot, other than I'm very impressed!

    Kim, you do look good in that cockpit. It's always amazing to me that we know how to get something that big and heavy off the ground and flying-it's all b/c of math,btw;)- but every time I fly I thank the captain for getting me safely to my destination. It's such a big responsibility.

    Kats, you do have an amazing job!, but I'm not a fan of the cold. We lived in Colorado Springs for a few years and it was beautiful, but when the running joke is that Colorado has 2 seasons, winter and August, it's way too cold for me. But you're doing what you love, so you go girl!

    This is so much fun getting to know everyone, the thread was a great idea.

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