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    Hello All,

    Hope you're all well and had a good Easter. On April 8th I had my first appointment with the only doctor in the UK who treats arthritis with AB.
    As explained in my previous posts I have so far following the AB off my own back and due to a flare up I felt it would have been better if I could have been assisted by a doctor.
    Prior to seeing the doctor I was taking NSAID to keep the flareup under control. Simply because I was panicking thinking that the situation was going to go down hill very fast. My neck and right leg were/are the areas most affected by the flareup. The GP advised me to stop taking any NSAID, carry on with the AB and take some paracetamol in case of severe pain. He is happy with the way I have followed the protocol and advised me to carry on the same way. He had a look at my X-ray, blood tests results etc. As my liver function are double what they should be he explained that this is nothing to worry about and that the less NSAID tables I take the better for the liver. He also had a look at my right knee and explained that right now there is a thickening of the sinovial tissue around the joint. This will apparently go back to normal with time. I have to say the whole experience was positive and reassuring. For the first time I felt a GP  was really listening to me interested in what I had to say. For the first time I felt the patient came before NHS budgets and adherence to traditional practice. He told me about himself, how he got to know about the AB protocol and so forth.
    On a personal level, I feel the flare up is going down, my neck feels much better, is not that stiff in the morning and the swelling on the knee is gradually going down.
    I big thank you goes to Maz for passing me the details of Dr H and to KatieB for  being so kind to discuss with me her experience with Dr H and for advising me to use MSM. I have been taking it for 3 weeks now and it works, much better and safer than NSAID.
    Wish you all good health, I will keep you posted on my progress.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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