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    Linda L

    I visited an elderly lady yesterday whose niece 38 years old helps her with cleaning and she was there. She told me that she tries to loose weight, in vain, but when she started to eat less all her body, muscles and bones were sore. She is a healthy person.
    I noticed something similar and I am sure about it: one day I left home after breakfast. Around 1pm all my body suddenly started to be very sore, shoulders, fingers, knees… You might say that Mobic and Panadol taken in the morning stopped working. Yes but I bought some food and drink and in the very moment the pain was gone. Now I am on a diet without gluten, dairy, sugar and I loose weight /I don’t need it/
    I wonder if my body gets what it needs.
    Linda L

    RA tried everything: Methotraxate, Arava, Humira. Pneumonia three times. Anemia. Very low iron. Hypothyroidism
    AP from April 2014 till August 2015. No luck.
    Current medications: Natural thyroid, Mobic, LDN, supplements incl. milk thistle, NAC, vitamins and minerals.
    MTHFR heterozygous

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