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    Bear with me  as i am trying to figure this out. I have read the guidlines but have not figured out how to use this yet . Is there no general posts like one colum like the old roadback ?

    Thanks ,


    John McDonald


    This BB is a little different but you will soon get the hang of it. What used to be a new thread is now a new topic. All responses to that topic will appear here. When somebody wakes up with a giant hangnail and wants advice then they start a giant hangnail topic, or a spam poetry topic, etc. As long as the topic is getting replies it will float to the top of this list. When it becomes stale it drops to the bottom. If a year from now someone posts on the same topic then it will pop to the top again.


    Cheryl F


    Glad you got registered. It took me two trys, then I forgot my password and had to have the system re-send it.

    There definitely will be a learning curve to this new board.



    I registered and was able to get in to view the posts but it wouldn't let me post.  So I closed down my Internet Explorer and relogged in and now everything seems to be working. 

    I think this new board is going to be great! Thank you for everyone's hard work.


    I couldn't log on once I was registered,  but I saved the link to the site when I first registered.  I was able to get back on through that link.  I tried to log on twice with my password (yes, I had it right!).  Anyway, the board is really nice.  Avatars are a fun featureso are :dude: these:P.



    Looks great, I like it!…..love the emoticons too:dude:…thanks for all of the hard work that obviously went into this…GayG

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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