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    Although the diagnosis is not complete it looks as though I have RA. Looking for doctor recommendations in the Denver/front range area.


    Hi Cary and welcome! Have you asked for a doc list from RBF yet? If not, you’ll find the email to request a list on the Contact page of this website (top right of this page).

    If this provides any comfort, Dr. Brown recommended starting AP as early as possible as described in the Henry Scammell book….reason being, the earlier AP is started for RA, the less risk of joint damage and usually the swifter the response.

    Severe, swift onset RA as a result of Lyme disease
    Current Meds: Biaxin (500mg BID), Tetracycline (500mg BID), Tirosint (88mcg), Liothyronine (10 mcg), Compounded Liposomal Artemisinin, LDN (3mg), Topical Progesterone,
    Current Supps: Curcumin, Bovine Colostrum, ALA. NAC, Milk Thistle, Super Liquid Folate/B12/B-Complex, Probiotics, Vit D3
    Supportive Measures: IV Myer's Cocktails, IV Glutathione, FIR Sauna, Gluten-free diet, Gym.


    Hi Cary,
    You have come to the right place, The Road Back! My disease MCTD started in 2007. I am in full remission but I have to stay on AP obviously all my life. I have been searching for an AP doctor in the Denver vicinity for 10 years. I visited a doctor in Greenwood Village. He might have been able to help me but he was searching for the cause, to the amount of $4047, and I’m in remission. There are several real AP doctors but they aren’t nearby.
    I’m hoping you’ve been successful in starting on antibiotics. It’s the only way. I’m a patient at Kaiser and my doctor is happy to listen to me and she has had many good suggestions regarding my problems. She sent me to the rheumatologist once, I hoped I could make some headway but it was useless.
    I suggest that you read and study the Roadback Book a few times and keep coming to this web site with your questions.


    Dancing feet are Happy feet!
    Nov 2007 Raynauds, Jan 2008 Carpal tunnel, Aug 2008 Rotator cuff, May 2008 MCTD, July 2013 H.Pylori, Aug 2015 Vaginal Atrophy
    Medications: Minocycline 100 mg MWF, Low Dose Naltrexone 4.5mg, Acidophilus 1-3 a day, Estradiol patch
    Vitamins etc.: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D-3 1000 IU a day, Aspirin 325 mg, Magnesium, B6, B12, Beta-carotene, Cranberry, Garlic, Multi Vitamin, and Glucosamine & Chondroitin with Boswellia & Manganese, & MSN, Grape Seed Complex, Meta

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