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    A friend sent me a link to this article yesterday:

    Urine Test Revolutionizes Lyme Disease Detection


    "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."
    - Albert Einstein


    Thanks, Phil…there’s an irony, though…IGeneX has had a urine antigen test (Lyme Dot Blot Assay, aka LDA) for many years, but because the lab has been dissed as “Lyme Literate” (in spite of this lab passing every CA state inspection), it’s not been given the attention it probably deserves. If you hear anything about the success of this new LUAT (Lyme urine antigen test), would appreciate hearing. Think it’s worth finding out the “whos” (funding and research) behind new Lyme tests. Does your friend know?

    Severe, swift onset RA as a result of Lyme disease
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    Yes, It would be interesting to find out who is funding, etc.

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