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    My family and I started an organic farm in 2012. I’ve always been wary of ticks and lyme disease, so I was always really good about doing tick checks and making my own bug sprays, etc…In the fall of this year, I stopped checking myself and my children, partly because we were so busy and partly because I thought ticks weren’t active anymore. Not true! Our whole family, (two children, ages 3 and 6) began having symptoms at the same time. Classic flu-like symptoms, shaking chills, fever, joint aches, etc. My son had dots all over his body which at the time I thought was chicken pox, but they never crusted over. My daughter started limping and saying her knee was hurting…I immediately thought Lyme. I took my kids to their doctor and she didn’t believe me. Actually I think she thought I was crazy! She thought mono, or some sort of prolonged virus..I insisted on a Western Blot, and she did grant me that. It came back negative for my husband and my children. However, I went to my integrative doc and he sent my labs to IgenX and my test came back positive for Lyme. So we switched my kids to my doctor (everything has to be paid out of pocket) to get the labs done again at Igenx. We have to wait a week to get the test, then three weeks to get the result. He gave us two weeks of antibiotics for the children, (Amoxicillin) but claims to have treated alot of children in New York successfully with natural therapies such as homeopathic nosodes and activated charcoal…Meanwhile I have finished my doxycyline..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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