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    What follows is a brief account of my “Travels with SD”

    In Jan?06 I began to experience pain in both of my hands. Kind of like someone sticking a push pin into my hands and fingers. With in a few weeks I had begun to have difficulty making a fist. My GP tried some anti-inflamatories and prednisone with little success. My GP thought that perhaps I was having Carpel Tunnel problems and sent me to an ortho doc. He also tried different anti-inflamatories and did some testing. By this time it was summer of ?06 and I was very fatigued sleeping perhaps eighteen hours a day, my joints hurt terribly, my teeth and jaw hurt, my teeth were moving, had a lack of strength in my upper body and upper legs, headaches, pain in the soles of my feet when I walked, digital ulcers, edema in my arms, legs, and hands, my hands felt like they were in a bucket of broken glass all the time so between the edema and the pain my hands were not very useful, a little calcinosis on my fingers, Joint pain was out of control. Raynauds in my fingers and a little in my toes, I was cold all the time, had shooting pains in my wrists and ankles, and a host of other pains. My hands had also continued to deteriorate. Through testing my ortho doc determined that I had boarder line carpel tunnel but that was not the cause of my hand pain. He suggested I go back to my GP and start over. In Aug. ?06 the middle and index finger on my left hand began to hurt more and those fingers began to curve and in a ten day period ended up curved enough that when I try to lay my hand flat on a table the middle joints of those fingers are elevated about

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