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    Jan Lucinda1

    I have had swelling and pain in my right knee, can't put weight on it, am now in  a wheelchair.  I thought it was OA.  I saw an Orthopedist yesterday and he said it was RA and too damaged to do a knee replacement.  He gave me a cortisone shot which has helped the pain.  I'm disappointed it is too damaged for replacement but that is how it is.

    I recently heard aout Synvisc-One injections for knee pain http://www.synvisc.com  which can last up to 6 months.  All doctors don't use it but they have referrals for doctors who do.  I know a woman who said it has been helpful.  Anyone familiar with this?


    Prior to my knee replacement I had the Synvisc injections and it didn't help me, but it did help a friend the first time she had it, but not the second.  My doctor told me I didn't have enough cartilage left in the joint for it to bind to, which sounds like might be the case for you too.

    Before consenting to any surgery I'd sure get a second opinion.  When I was at my worst, every joint in my body (knees, shoulders, hips, spine) was hurting so badly I thought there was so much damage I'd never be able to address it all.  Once I started treating Lyme and detoxing with the sauna the joint pain quickly subsided.  Now when I have sore joints it's a result of just over-doing it. 😕

    Take care…..kim

    Jan Lucinda1


    Thanks for the reply.  I'll have to check with the doctor about this. 



    Posted this link in another topic…but thought it may bear watching for possibilities for alternatives to replacements for RA ers ??

    Especially ones with knee problems like you and I !!

    Anyone else familiar with this?



    Jan Lucinda1

    I am still trying to understand why my knee is so swollen and painful.  Living With RHeumatoid Arthritis  explains how the joint becomes damaged but it still didn't totally make sense to me.  Any good articles on this?

    I am now going to be wearing a brace at night to keep the knee extended and see if that will help the mobility.  We will see.


    Jan Lucinda, have you changed your diet at all? I noticed the swelling in my knees and the background pain disappeared within a couple of weeks of changing my diet. I eliminated gluten, dairy, sulphites and changed to low salicylates. Whilst I know that your situation is more severe, I also know that a friend from this board had really terrible swelling that went as soon as she changed her diet. It may be worth considering. Lynnie

    Be well! Lynnie

    Palindromic RA 30 yrs (Chronic Lyme?)
    Mino 2003-2008 100mg MWF - can no longer tolerate any tetracyclines
    abx from Sep 2018 MWF - a.m. Augmentin Duo 440mg + 150mg Biaxsig (roxithromycin). p.m. Cefaclor (375mg) + Klacid 125mg. Annual Clindy IV's
    Diet: no gluten, dairy, sulphites, low salicylates
    Supps: 600mg N-AC BID, 1000mg Vit C, CoQ10, P5P 40mg, zinc picolinate 60mg, B3 1000mcg, EPO 1000mg, Lithium orotate 20mg, Magnesium Oil equiv 400mg. Topical bio-identical estradiol, DHEA +

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