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    I went to Dr. B. in Rhinebeck, NY, Wow!  What an experience that was. He is some kind of God in his field, that's all I have to say.  The technology they have in that office is incredible.  This machine, “ODAMED” used (biofeedback system)  Has anyone ever tried that thing?  It is amazing.  Not only does it show the nurse my weakest areas internally, they treat the areas, it was so relaxing and I did feel about 20% better the next morning.  Has anyone ever had this treatment.  Anyway, as the doc went through all my medical records (took 45 minutes) and it was addressed that the lyme screen was 3.76 with one band #41 was reactive and he questioned me on it.  My response was they told me I did NOT have Lyme Disease.  The doc proceeded to test me for Lyme WB, Babesia Fish, Bartonella AB, HME, HGE,  CD57 along with some other things that I don't know what hey are like Lyme C6 pepitde, what is that?  Saliva test sent home with for yeast?  Never heard of that.  Another test where they hook you up on your hand and foot to evaluate your fatigue/energy level:  I flunked:  I was 4.9 (exhausted), normal would be between 7 and 9.  I sleep 10-11 hours a day with the help of Klonopin (tranquilizer).

    Adrenal glands were also brought up, what does that have to do with any of this, any thoughts on this matter???

    So my biggest question here is, if this is lyme and/or coinfection, did this cause all the autoimmune disorders or do I NOT have any of these disorders:  Scleroderma, CFS, Sjogrens, Fibromyalgia, RA, Lupus?  I heard him say he will treat me with Minocin next time I go which would be treatment for the auto immunes, right?

    I currently am on 3 different antibiotics for 5 days for a urine test for days 2,4, and 6 to see if I excrete lyme, anybody ever have that done?  I know that is going to Igenex as well.  I am so confused.  Am I going to herx from this test from these antibiotics?  It is now day 4, all I can tell you is they make me sick to my stomach, which as I have read is quite normal.  I also have noticed that I am not as bad in the morning since the antibiotic treatment/test, it is almost a disappointment that I have to go off and start all over on November 5th so I am going back to excuciating pain again until then.

    How long does it take for the minocin to take effect.  I understand we are all different but does it take weeks, months and do you all herx at one time or another, does it happen more than once and how soon does it occur.

    Thanks for any help or answers, I am so lost but feeling positive that I will finally be put on anitbiotic protocol in 3 weeks.

    God Bless you all and hope for everyone's recovery or remission.

    Thank God for this site:  Kerry

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    Hi kerry,

    How exciting to be embarking on your journey to feeling better, and taking control of your life.  Sounds like you are getting great care with someone who is covering all angles.  Is he an LLMD?

    I am not familiar with Odamed, but I have used bioresonance testing, which sounds similar, especially in light of how inaccurate lyme testing can be.  It's also a fabulous tool for testing abx and supplements.

    Adrenals and hormones are often out-of-whack with lyme.  I assume that is what the saliva test is for.  Your doctor is doing a thorough job of covering all possible aspects of this disease.

    Your question, as to if lyme caused all of your diagnosed conditions, is most likely that your symptoms imitate these conditions.  Only time will tell, to what extent you will recover, but you can be encouraged that many of your symptoms, if not all, will subside.  I have had CFS for years, and am very curious to know what came first; CFS or lyme.  I'm hopeful that lyme treatment will resolve any CFS symptoms. 

    No one can say how long it will take for Minocin to be effective.  For me, Minocin alone did nothing.  It wasn't until I was treated for babesia with parasite/protozoa abx, that I began to improve.  That's why it's so important to cover the co-infections along with lyme.

    To post your picture, go to my account, profile, and then avitar.  You can browse, and upload one of your pictures.

    Can't wait to hear your progress, sounds like you are in good hands…

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