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    My family moved to a small island in the Marshall Islands called Kwajelein.  We lived there for 3 yrs.  This island is on a coral reef.  We were told if we ever acquire a scratch or open wound to scrup it out for 20 minutes with peroxide too disinfect the bacteria that grows on  the coral reef.  We are scuba divers.   Off course, no one lives on this island without getting a scratch.  I gashed my knee while scuba diving.

    After leaving the island, symptoms began.  I knew something was not right.  I found out I had H-pylori and bastocystic hominis.  I was treated for both with Clarrithomycin and metronidazole.   This did not make a difference in symptoms which kept developing.

    Trying to get back to being healthy these are the things I have done until I found the Roadback:

    Removal of 12 amalgms by a dentist trained to do it properly
    Mercury Detox program for one year with about 20-30 supplements daily
    Replaced all sugar with Stevia
    Wormwood, Cinnamon and Garlic supplements from Pharmax
    Blessed Herbs' 5 day bentonite clay cleanse followed by
    Blessed Herbs' parasite cleanse and internal cleanse for one month
    Collidal Silver for about 2 months
    Virastop Systemic Enzyme program (gradually increasing to 21 capsules per day
                     over a 3 months period)
    Amino Acids program, taking specific ones for specific symptoms

    After almost three years the initial symptoms became a little scarier and developed into the ones below involving brain/head and CNS problems. 

    Tongue tingling (sometimes lips also)  All the time
    Curly tongue around edges, sometime more than other times
    Pressure in head all over  (not pain just pressure)  OFTEN
    Pressure and tingling in face like after one would run for miles
           but face looks normal and is not red
    If pressure is not in head than it might be in the back of my head at the
         brain stem area
    At night pressure may be down both sides of my spine SOMETIMES
    Recently my back muscles hurt when while I try to sleep at night only
    Sleep issues
    Major memory, brain fog…I can't even write or spell like I used to
    I can't seem to express myself with words that well either anymore

    Before all these symptoms, I had a hypersensitive throat on the outside.  (not in the esophagus itself)  If one touched my throat barely, I would gag horribly.  This went on for one full year and then mysteriously stopped and all the above started happening.

    Sometimes I wake up and my hands are swollen
    I do NOT have joint pain though.
    High blood pressure…which I never had before all these symptoms.
    Symptoms have gone on for about 3 years getting increasingly worse.

    Over the course of 2009 I took 3 courses of Zithromax.  Each time, I did herx and each time all my symptoms left for about 3 months before they came back. 

    I took Tarci test in Oct. of 2009.   Results were microplasma hominis and fermentins.
    Went on minocycline (Watson brand) in Nov. 2009  and immediate improvements 
                   took  place.

    Jan. 2010:  Met with Roadback AP dr. R in Provo, Utah
    Igenx blood sent for #4090 Basic Lyme Panel
    Stopped Minocycline to take a course of Zithromycin along with
    200 mg of diflucan daily combined with an anti yeast diet
    Epitope test IgG ordered for lyme confirmation of P31 IND band at IGENEX
    Results were POSTIVE for the lyme burgdorfi

    Feb. 2010:   Found out that I have sensitivity issues with both IVAX and GLENMARK flucanazole and probiotics with additional strains above acidolphulus, bifidus or bulgarius through the testing with an electrodermograph.   Switched to Nizoral.

    After being off mino for one month to take zithromycin, many symptoms returned.

    Restarted Minocyline (watson) 100MG m-f;  Nizoral 200 MG daily 2/22/10; RH antigen homeopathic drops 

    After 2 wks uped dose to 100 mg 2 times daily.  After 5 weeks of this and major tongue problems reduced dose on 3/31/10 to Mino to MWF 100mg 2/day.  tongue issues got better. 


    Update on Progress   9/8/10

    Connections discovered:   *tongue tingling and tongue issues were initial signs of thrush.  They stopped when I stopped minocycline.  But they return with use of any antiobiotic (doxy and zithro) or the smallest amount of sugar and now get worse. 

      *Ketoconazole is very adrenal suppressive to me and I don't like taking it. I find and try SF722 Undecylenic Acid as an alternative in August 2010.  It works and there are no side effects.  I take 15 capsules daily.

    *Ketoconazole is my first suspicion to trigger right side discomfort under the ribs in April 2010.  (My second suspicion is that HCG causes it or makes it worse due to stagnant bile in the gall bladder over a 6 wk period.) Started HCG diet for 6 weeks 4/4/10

    HCG diet was hard but successful. I enjoy minimal symptoms from June to August after its completion and with NO USE OF ANY ANTIBIOTICS from April 26 to now. (except for one week of doxy to treat lactobacilliosis in July). I feel great for the first time in a long while after losing 20 lbs. I return to the gym with more energy than before and and build back up to the routine 2 hr. workouts that I used to do before my health went downhill a couple of yrs ago. This is exciting to feel so close to normal again!

    I do a colon cleanse (Blessed Herbs using a 3 day fast) after my digestive system seems to stagnate and I put on about 4 pounds for no reason at all.  I suspect I have a digestive bacteria or parasite causing this.   It works.  Everything works normal again.

    In August of 2010 I decide the discomfort in right side could be gall stones and do a liver flush.  It helps relieve the discomfort by 90% and I contemplate on doing it again. 

    In Sept 2010, I start the 30 day parasite cleanse using Hummaworm and i throw in one extra capsule from Pharmax of Pyloricin.

    * My problems in taking probiotics may be because of the Acidolphus strain and having an overgrowth of this strain.   I learn about Lactoballiosis and cyclic vaginosis and believe I may be a candidate. I take a course of doxy for 10 days to overcome this and use baking soda one time a week to keep things in check. Things get better but not 100%.    In August 2010, I try probiotics that have other strains, with acidophilus being of less amount in them.

    *After 1 bottle of Neprinol and 2 bottles of Serracor my blood pressure gets normal and my mucous is thinner and not clogging in the throat. It helps a lot. And I make enzyme therapy a daily must for me.

    Today Sept 8th, I am 90% better then when I first started therapy last October 2009.  I have been off antibiotics (except one wk of doxy) since last April.  I have routinely taken items like Magnesium, enzymes, Cal/mag, amino acids (free Form), and probiotics (started routinely in August).

    This week I sense that some earlier symptoms may be returning, however.  I have traveling back pain in my muscles of and on like I used to get before I started AP.  I have also wake up with swollen fingers and hands routinely over the past few weeks.   I will wait it out to see what happens.

    Sept 9th 2010, I will start a second round on the HCG diet and hope to lose my last 20 pounds.  I will set aside all other therapies except enzymes during this time.  I may add routine use of oxypowder at 2 capsules per day.






    New interesting info and leads obtained since last post of personal history.

    * IT IS NOT CANDIDIASIS, YEAST or A strange FUNGAL infection. A prominent MD gave me the diagnosis of
    Symptoms related to this diagnosis were:
    Vulva vagainal issues
    Carb intolerance and wt gain
    Skin texture, spot itching and white spots
    * GENOVA Comprhensive digestive parasitology results:
    Gamma haemolytic Streptococcus 4+
    Alpha haemolytic Streptococcus 4+
    Cirtobacter species 4+ potential pathogen
    Enterobacter cloacae 4+ potential pathogen
    Klebsiella oxytoca 4+ potential pathogen
    No Lactobacillus Species
    Escherichia coli 4+
    Bifidobacterium 1+

    Information recieved from prominent GYN at the UNIVERSITY OF UTAH:
    Many people react to the ingredient of PROPYLENE GLYCOL which is found in the usual topical treatment of CLOBETASOL PROPIONATE and HYDROCORTISONE cream.
    I was given a compounded version of these creams without propylene glycol.
    My primary gyn gave me two additional RX’s for compounded, propylene glycol free, Bi EST (50% estradoil & 50% estroil) and testosterone. This was after I presented the research that this is the best approach that many who suffer from this disease have used for yrs. bringing them into remission. The estradoil proliferates cells and renews the tissue and the testosterone strengthens it. It is used daily for a short period and then gradually is taken down to being used only twice a week. The clobetsol propionate/hydrocortisone was describes as immunosuppressive and overuse will cause serious tissue thinning and further complications. It was suggested strongly that these two items be used only when in dire need and when absolutely necessarty.

    RESULTS OBTAINED: I am in the 2nd month of this treatment. I use only biest and testosterone and already my symptoms have been reduced and I notice positive results

    My AP gave me a course of BACTRIM (SULFAMETHOXAMOLE TMP DS). I took 3 doses, got numbness in my finger, enormous vein protrusion in hands and arms, got itchy spots on hands, felt horrible. I quit the dose. My dr changed Rx to CIPRO.

    Use antibiotics to irradicate potential pathogenic gut bacteria and streptococcus overgrowth.
    Use a new approach to repopulate my gut and bring it into balance dispite my past issues on not being able to
    use Protiotics. This time I will avoid D-Latic Acid producing probiotics. (I will post under general topics to expain)
    Continue use of best yeast preventative protocal that has worked for me :
    A-F AMAZON 3 cap/ 3t imes a day (used this herbal formula for 3 ful months before I did Genova test)
    A-F HAS BEEN THE BEST ANTIYEAST FORMULA THAT HAS WORKED FOR ME (Ketoconazole was too harsh and Fluconazole did not work at all and made matters worse….This could have been due to the fact that I had LICHEN PLANUS and not thrush or yeast as I thought I had at the time, however.)
    Nystatin tablets: 2 tabs/ 4 times a day
    Off and on use of SF 722 Undeclylenic Acids.
    No sugar and minimal carbs
    Kefir and Straus yogurt daily or homemade kefir and yogurt


    It has been a long while since posting. I have not forgotten my friends here at roadback! In my journey for answers I believe I found the reason for all my issues. I have a multi parasitic infection. Lab tests cannot be trusted to prove parasites. I even went to the famous I Genova lab and the tests were negative. My sixth sense was that I had parasites all along. Just couldn’t prove it until a few months ago.
    I proved it by doing a total of 7 liver flushes and the on the last two I went for my first 3 colon hydrotherapy sessions. During this period of liver flushes I did all of hulda Clark’s parasite protocals to no avail. I had done hummaworm twice during the yrs with no results either. Then I took Rainforst formula A-P during the 30 days of my last 2 flushes and ola! My hydro therapist extracted a 6-7 inch wormlike creature from the water tube into a bottle for me to take home. This happened the last time I went I as well. I also started seeing some other different things in my poop that we’re not normal. I began to realize I had more than one kind of parasite. I am sure I have liver flukes due to the discomfort I continually have in my liver area. I think I may have a tapeworm type of creature due to the bulging small lime sized protrusions that move continuously in my abdomen. This has gone on for yrs and I could physically show anyone around the moving bulge as it became mobile. I had one dr. , not my fabulous Llmd, but a gastroenterologist, tell me that it was just bile. I knew he was full of it.
    I have extensively researched parasitic infections. I am getting ready to start dr. Klinghardt’s parasite protocol. He is one of the foremost llmd dr up on the most latest and developing his own protocals that have helped thousands with Lyme.
    This is all coming together now for me and my family. My llmd will guide me through the parasite meds and I hope to get well soon. If it works for me then I will put my other family members through the protocal as well since we all have had issues.

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