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    I have been using Minocycline at various levels and brands since June 2008. Ranbaxy has always worked best for me. In 2012 when I was on Teva brand, I had an unacceptable increase in pain. In 2013 I had to add 7.5mg of Methotrexate and 5mg Prednisone to become physically active again. I was able to get some Ranbaxy generic Minocycline tablets directly from India, but each subsequent shipment was from a different manufacturer ie Cipla and Ipca lab. But they also were tablets. In 2014 I switched to Humana Pharmacy which first shipped Ranbaxy tablet and than switched to Watson which I am still on. I get the Watson capsules at no cost with my Medicare Humana. I do not have any direct comparison of how effective Watson generic capsules are because I was on MTX and Prednisone during some of the various changes in Minocycline source. I was able to stop Prednisone last year and my goal for this year is to get off MTX. I am starting my third week without MTX(Methotrexate) and nothing drastic has happened. I upped my Watson Minocycline to 100mg every morning when I stopped MTX. But I have also added Pentoxifylline which is TNF inhibitor and Colchicine which does inhibit Mycoplasma bacteria. The Pentoxifylline and Colchicine is actually for Peyronnies scar tissue, but has helped with my level of pain so I could stop prednisone and MTX

    Psoriatic Arthritis: Plaquenil 200mg daily; 100mg Minocycline TABLET daily; twice daily 400mg Pentoxifylline;100mcg Levotyroxine; Have been using some level of Minocycline since 2008

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