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    Morning Everyone,

    I will be leaving Monday for a couple of days for an appointment with a holistic dentist I’ve known for years (before he became this kind of dentist), to make sure what is going on within my jawbone anatomy. Something I read just last night made me realize even more how important this appointment might be. (Many of you have read my comments about the beginning of my illness being TMJ. But the beginning just may have been a number of years before that… with wisdom teeth extraction.

    Below I am pasting information I collected and put in a Word document. Here on the board, I am going to paste all of it… but edit out/delete everything except the basic contact info and what it is about. I just finished doing this, but feel it is still too long. My thinking is that some RBF members may be new and/or lack experience finding information and using links, etc. So, for now, am going to leave too much. (I am excited also about finding a center dedicated to IBS and sharing this with you.)

    IBS Treatment Center


    Hi Maz —
    In a light vein and adding to the grossness –to relieve gas you mentioned Belching and vomiting –there is a third option which generally clears rooms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


    Hi Maz –you got me going —to quote Walt Whitman —” A belch is something from the heart -if it takes a downward path it cometh as a f –t . I promise no more —


    @richie wrote:

    I promise no more —

    Thank goodness for that, Richie…thought you were going to have to go sit in the corner on the naughty chair. 😆

    Be careful you don’t give yourself a small-intestinal pseudo obstruction with all these “guttural” jokes. 😉

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    @mattnapa wrote:

    I ran a search for Vitamin D3 may negatively effect autoimmune disease on the search feature here and did not come up with anything. I will try going back in the history. The author of the Marshall protocol is the only thing I have seen that tries to explain this in scientific terms, but i certainly remain open to more information

    EDIT…Note: Repeat search using these words, and you will have better results:
    “side effects high Vit D3



    I did a search about Vitamin D3 negatively affecting autoimmune disease, and this one showed up:


    I’ll repeat the search again to see if other posts show up. There are probably more, but only copied the one above.

    If you want to do searches for subjects in posts on RBFBB, I’m sure you know we have to:

    * Click on “General Discussion” at the top of the screen, if we are not already on the first page of the posts; and this will take us to the first page where our posts appear.
    * On the first page, we will see “Post Topic”; and there beside that is a little search window to put your search words in.
    * Key in the words you want to search for.

    Your search should find all of the posts containing the words/topic you put in the search window.

    Let us know if this works for you.


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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