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    Well, when I first saw two bulls-eyes on myself in Sept 2006 (not my first tick bites), I had no clue I was entering the “Lyme Badlands.” I was just sick with years of debilitating, random, seemingly disconnected symptoms that came and went (migraines, light sensitivity, chronic fatigue, thyroid nodules, heart palps and skips, stinging sensations, rashes, etc., etc) that culminated in swift onset, very severe, seropositive RA within weeks of those bites. I certainly didn’t know that 14 years later, the politics of Lyme – a polarized divide in medical opinion about whether there is a chronic form of borreliosis and a host of associated tickborne infections that can be passed in one tick bite – would remain unresolved.

    Lyme disease patients fight for their lives while academics fight each other. That’s just wrong.


    I’m really convinced this is being swept under the carpet because our medical system is ill equipped to deal with it. The assembly line–7min appointment thing, just doesn’t work for lyme. In this country, our medical system is already on shakey ground because of insurance costs, powerful drug companies and endless other problems. Acknowledging lyme would just be the final nail in its coffin.

    Also, if its sexually transmitted…ok, that’s going to be even tougher to deal with. And then theres the whole issue of climate change and if its affecting ticks and other critters.

    I also think theres too much of a tendency to blame everything on ‘bad genes.’ Its comforting when someone gets sick and people assume it was just ‘bad gene’s’, but what if it’s not and this can happen to you too?! Scary stuff for most people. Then theres the issue of our corrupt food system…. To me, all these issues are deeply intertwined. It’s a matter of converging crisis’ and few have the nerve to deal with it.

    All we can really do is our own little part to make the world better and fix what we can and give kindness, support and information to people that seek it. I can’t tell you how much I admire The Road Back Foundation and its volunteers.
    Thank you for all you do!

    Originally +Ana May 2018 (now negative Jan 2019), scleroderma or uctd, Morphea (now mostly gone!), Myositis ( better now) Probable Lyme w/coinfections, had Bartonella marks that disappeared,
    Mild reflux, mostly gone,mild ild, skin hardening (continued softening and some parts normal again) Impaired liver function, now normal after 1 year and CK, LDH all normal again, 14 mo after starting ap.

    Minocin m-f 2x, antibiotic rotation, ldn 4.5, cellcept 3000, probiotics, Monolaurens, Olive leaf extract, fish

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