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    I have a question about our daughter complaining of loose teeth every so often and getting her needed dental work (expanders for her small upper jaw and braces. She’s almost 13 years old now and we have put off this needed work because of several reasons having to due with the Scleroderma, for years she had very bad mouth sores, and loose teeth. I just didn’t want to add to her daily struggles with pain, (joint/raynaud’s/vasculitis) by getting her teeth fixed. Now that the Azithromycin has helped a great deal with the joint pain/raynaud’s/vasculitis and even her mouth sores are GREATLY reduced I thought it might be time to get her teeth straighten. The question I have is how the occasional bouts with loose teeth might affect dental work? She doesn’t have this symptom nearly as often since being on the Azithromycin but it still happens on occasion. Has anyone had this experience? We will be having this work done in a small town so I doubt I can find a dentist who knows anything about Scleroderma. Can these loose teeth come out with the pressure of braces? And what is this symptom all about? It is so odd that they feel loose to the point where she is concerned they might come out and then a few weeks later they are just fine and as tight as they should be. I’m still new to all this so although I’ve read a lot about Scleroderma I still have many questions about these “lesser” symptoms. Thankfully up to this point the Scleroderma hasn’t affected the size of her mouth. The only skin involvement she has had were the tightening of her fingers but that resolved completely when she started the Azithromycin. Thanks everyone for any imput!


    This is the main symptom that I’ve had and don’t have a diagnosis other than speckled 1:320 ANA. They don’t tighten back up for me. From research it has to do with the periodontal ligament and probably some bone loss going on. Best thing is to get a CBCT imaging done before getting work done regular x-rays won’t give the full picture of whats going on. But I’ve read that getting braces is fine but I would worry about it making it worse. You can get more info on the Inspire board.

      Mountains, sorry you didn’t get a quick reply on this! It used to be discussed more frequently amongst SDers here. I can’t speak to SD, myself, and Brique347 likely knows much more, but can share that my hubby has suffered from loose teeth as a result of radiation therapy for parotid gland cancer and he had to have root canals thru his gums on 4 front lowers. Since then these teeth have been moving and loose. His dentist recommended Invisalign which was way too expensive and for a 3rd of the cost got these thru another company that mails his brace-retainers to him. He’s been doing this for 2 months now and he says he notices a huge difference and that the affected teeth are no longer feeling loose and moving.

      I don’t know if that helps? It took one initial visit and he was mailed all his brace-retainers. After 6 months, he will just wear the final retainer at night. I wish they had these when I had braces in my 30s! So much more comfortable, you don’t get fine hairline teeth fractures from the brackets, and so much easier to keep teeth clean than having to use floss-threaders after each meal.

      PS my daughters both had pallet expanders. Worked beautifully though they are pretty horrid contraptions! Need to avoid spaghetti or it gets stuck and can’t be swallowed!


    Totally not a dental genius here but my thought is that most likely with first movements it may be a bit scary to feel loose teeth. However I could also see that when the teeth meet their proper destination that the braces would hold them there and perhaps she would wear them longer at the correct place to allow much time to integrate tissues and correct placement within the bone. In other words, locked in like that a tooth I am assuming could not fall out and would have the advantage of something else holding it in place. It is a very scary thought because in life we cannot know the final outcome until the final outcome. I would try to talk with her orthodontist about this. He or she may not know about scleroderma induced loose teeth but if the ortho has been in business long enough they most likely have dealt with loose teeth. Please let us know what you decide and what you learn. Thinking about your family!

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