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    Here is a summary list of what I have found thru searches

    Saccharomyces (I got a couple bottles a few weeks ago. I like the spore method)
    Ultra flora IB
    Ther-Biotic Detoxification Support (Vegan)
    Dr. Ohirra’s “Professional Formula”
    Probiotic (lactobacilli and bifidobacteria)
    Fermented foods such as pickles, sauerkraut, kimchee and miso

    I did get some swansons ultimate probiotic formula a while back but have no opinions on it.

    If there are any missing, please add

    I think someone said that different probiotics work for different people so one needs to experiment and go thru trial and error approach.

    As an aside … diverticulitis

    Someone indicated they got diverticulitis and had to be hospitalized. I developed diverticulitis a few years ago and was able to cured it thru natural mean. Conventional medicine uses conventional antibiotics and surgery (they cut out 10 inches of your intestine) as the solution. Post surgery is pretty awful also. Plus the diverticulitis can still come back and they will need to cut out more. This is like cutting off your hand if it has an infection. Contrary to this, pouches can heal themselves if given the proper nutrients.

    The main symptoms of diverticulitis is nausea and intestinal cramps.

    There are three main remedies people can use to address it naturally.

    1) Grape Seed Extract
    2) Aloe Vera juice

    These two didn’t work for me but they have worked for many other people and less expensive.

    Aloe Vera juice made me more nauseous probably because it some toxins in it.

    People who have to constantly keep battling it have not killed the infection. They usually use the first two options. They will feel better for a while but it keeps coming back. They probably need to go to the next option.

    I think fiber may be useful for people where infection is more minor. I do not focus eating more fiber. there is myth connected to the amount of fiber you need. the amounts are ridiculous. You have to experiment with what works for you. I minimize my grains also.

    3) AMP Aloe Muciliginous Polysaccharide

    This is the heavy duty solution. This is a highly concentrated capsules of the ACTIVE ingredient in Aloe Vera Juice.
    It contains no toxins. It is essentially a natural antibiotic. No side effects. It will heal the pouches over time.
    one bottle is equal to i think 70 or more gallons of aloe vera juice.

    The down side is that it is expensive. I paid $126 for a bottle of 270 capsules for Aloe MP Plus which lasts for 1 month at full dose of 9 capsules a day. How quick it resolves diverticulitis will vary due to degree of severity. Some people get resolution in first week so may be able to cut down on number of capsules earlier.

    It took 6 weeks for my symptoms to dissipate. My symptoms brewed for 2 years before i realized what it was. I took it for 3 months although they recommend 6 months. I haven’t had the diverticulitis come back in over 2 years. I did realized what caused it because I was able to cure it. I have no food restrictions either. I do keep a bottle just in case and will pop a few capsules occasionally if i suspect it could be coming back. Better to be safe. The sooner one addresses the symptoms the faster one will probably be cured. Based on me, healing of pouches took place within a 3 month window. I lowered dosage to 2-3 capsules after that for another 3 months. You have to play it by ear for your own particular situation.

    Please let people know about this option if they have diverticulitis

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