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    So it has taken me a couple months to realize there are different ways that food can “trigger” problems for me.

    There are foods that I react to within a couple hours of ingesting them and these I believe to be aggravators of leaky gut. Nuts and beans seemed to be in this category as well as some forms of dairy, which give me an instant headache now. As I’m digesting these foods, my skin tightens on my hands and around my mouth.

    Then there are foods that I digest fine and don’t have an immediate reaction to, but after eating then regularly, found that they cause other symptoms to worsen. I believe this is because these foods feed the bacteria that’s caused my infection (Lyme and Bartonella). Starch seems to be in this category. I had cut starch for a couple months and felt great. Then had oatmeal every day for a few weeks and slowly inflammation crept back in. Achey joints in morning, tendonitis, etc.

    Im interested in seeing what foods you have found are problems for you and if different foods make you react in different ways. What are your go-to “safe” Staples? Mine is chicken, homemade broth and broccoli.

    SD or MCTD with SD overlap. bartonella.
    minocycline 100mg BID, Naturethroid 32.5 mg daily, Azithromycin 250mg BID
    Fish oil, NAC, bovine colostrum, digestive enzymes, sublingual b12, Iodine, Monolaurin, L-glutamine

    Lynne G.SD

    I think that it is our disease that causes us to get food sensitivities.All the people I know who have them never used to have any problem.eating anything.As my SD progressed so did the number of sensitivities .In the end,all legumes,citrus,cow everything,lamb,asperagus were bad news.Slowly I was able to go back on them but even now I can’t have dried legumes but green peas,been are o.k.
    Weirder than this were the phantom smells that still linger.I love cucumbers but for many months I could smell them everywhere and you know it’s not your imagination when cleaning the cat’s litter box and smell cukes.For the last few weeks I have been smelling something with a chemically sweet scent but can’t identify it


    Oh yes it is no doubt the disease. I didn’t have ANY reactions or allergies to any foods before this. A stomach of steel. Developed the sensitivities overnight!
    Thats really weird about the smells. I guess there are worse phantom smells you could have!

    SD or MCTD with SD overlap. bartonella.
    minocycline 100mg BID, Naturethroid 32.5 mg daily, Azithromycin 250mg BID
    Fish oil, NAC, bovine colostrum, digestive enzymes, sublingual b12, Iodine, Monolaurin, L-glutamine


    I have not considered it in this order before. With me I always felt like my food sensitivities came first. I started with rashes/hives sometimes in the mornings. I always had delayed reactions. Of course it took me awhile to realize food could be involved. I could not think of a reason why this was happening and it was very scary to me. I had been on antibiotics about 3 or four months when my doc did food allergy testing. I will always wonder why this was not done at my very first visit knowing what all I know now. When I found out at least some of my trigger foods my rashes immediately disappeared. Once in a long while now I might see a tiny red bump or two and even in a longer while I will have a true rash. The last time it happened I had eaten a ton of Schar crackers and taken my daughter’s probiotics. I have been afraid to see which one it was. So I also found out I have not only the Dr4 for RA but also the DQ8 for celiac. I will always personally feel that my body was fighting these food antigens first and it led to autoimmune issues and not the other way around. Dr. Osborn and Dr. Perlmutter in their books have stated that they have seen autoimmune markers in labs go negative just with diet change. I am not sure it would work this way if the disease came first. I don’t know. It is sort of a what came first the chicken or the egg. For me I feel like it was the Egg, gluten, and dairy that came first. But as with so much in my life…who knows?

    Flare fall of 2014...muscle aches, joint pains, fatigue, hair loss, rashes, etc.
    RA Factor 71 in Jan 2015 down to 25 as of September 2017
    DR4/DQ8 HLA...biotoxin illness
    IGG food allergy to wheat, egg, and dairy...probably all grains
    Vit. C&D, probiotics, milk thistle, turmeric, fish oil, methyl b 12, methyl folate, digestive enzymes, Candisol, Ubiquinol, berberine, chlorella, Moducare, LDN, monolaurin, Triphala, Patriot Greens, Paractin
    MTHFR compound heterozygous
    Igenex IGM positive Lyme, minoMWF

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