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    I am making this my journal to track my progress. I also welcome any advice any of you may have and if you want you can pm me. Here is my story so far.

    My ana has come back positive and nucleolar 1:160 back in June of this year. I am getting new and progressive sx all the time.

    It all started with swollen finger joints, then came difficulty swallowing, weak shoulders, sore hips, my feet hurt when I walk like I am walking on rocks, carpal tunnel,tingling body, no appetite, dry eyes and mouth, kidney infections, weight loss etc etc etc.

    My endo says I have an uctd but doesn’t know what. Last week I saw a fabulous AP dr and he rx’d abx and ldn for me. I was too afraid to start the meds until today but I realize now that I am only getting worse and the sooner I start the better.

    So this is day 1 for me. I will be taking 100 mino 2x day. I will also be working up to 4.5 of ldn. I am also taking probiotics. Hoping for the best.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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