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    john mcf

    I have been diagnosed with RA for 6 years, (2006) definitely had it longer symptoms like carpal tunnel 10 years running. I was in remission 3 years ago. shortly after diagnosis (RA) I saw nutritional type healer Dr. Lawrence in boynton beach fla. 6 years ago and thru diet i got better. But RA is diabolical and it came back when I stopped eating good. So I searched and found roadback and been on AP for 15 months. Progress has been slow but miraculous as I was afraid I was bound for a wheelchair. Last three months I have been eating anti-candida diet (no wheat, no sugar, no dairy) and seen some benefit. This is so hard to write about. The emotions pouring out of me as I type or even consider typing, I sit here crying!! This is my life RA is trying to rob me of. I try to compose myself now. When I got married 10 years ago I did a half marathon (13.1 miles) in 2 1/2 hours. Now thank God and Dr. Brown I am starting to Jog again – 1 block at a time. I can ride bike and swim. Back to treating RA. I was on prednisone and vicadin and lorazapam, which I have stopped in the last 6 weeks. Occasional vicadin helps with restless leg careful to not get addicted to narcotic. I guess only people who are suffering can understand how difficult and scary and debilitating RA is. My wife does not realize still how close I was to handicapped, not just in a wheel chair but pain and suffering beyond beleif. I truly feel for the people out there who are going thru similar, or worse difficulty. It is unbeleivable how the rheumatologists are handling this epidemic. I have to go to work now like normals do perhaps I can write more tomorrow

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