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    HI All, I have had a itchy rash all round stomach & back for a three/four weeks (driving me mad!) – very small, red dots – I am wondering if it is a reaction to long term use of mino and i should do a wash out? If so, would love advice on what to do! Or has anyone else experienced this. I had this rash quite often before (def only in recent years since autoimmune set in, and poss since start of mino – hard to remember dates) – but it has usually only been for a few days.
    Rash also coinciding with a flare in symptoms… I am 85% better since being on mino/diet and lucky my symptoms are mild – but RA always in wings. Sometimes i feel so good (ie, don’t think about RA) that i am ready to post euphorically on here. But always hesitate, as some pain in a joint will return to remind me it is lurking within.
    This latest rash does coincide with switch from from Minocin MR to Acnamino MR (but i had the rash before the switch just not for as long). Have spent hours trying to track down Minocin MR but failed.
    Would love any thoughts. Thanks

    2013 Poor gut & low white blood cells. Jan 2014 RA symptoms. Diet - no gluten/dairy/nightshades/sugar. Started AP in Oct 2014. On Mino MTWTF. RA improved but still there. Many supplements.



    I see that Acnamino MR contains povidone, whereas Minocin MR does not. Some people are allergic to povidone, so it may be the culprit.


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    I just started back on 50mg mino MWF and also started itching on back and stomach.

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