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    Do you still have your tonsils? If you do, considering your past history of strep and tonsillitis, you need to have them looked at. When tonsils are bad and they do go bad, they can create a toxic environment where they are poisoning your whole system.

    We sometimes refer to recovery from these conditions as peeling an onion. Some one peel might be to check out the tonsils. The next peel would be to look into Lyme disease. Another thing to look at considering you’ve noticed food triggers is to look into gluten sensitivity/celiac. Your IPL experience may have been the straw that broke the camels back that allowed the infections your body was managing to keep under control to finally break through to the surface.

    Taking your health into your own hands is a great step. Many here have done the same and had great results.


    Hi C (that’s a kid’s soft drink, isn’t it? 😆 )…sorry, couldn’t resist. 😉

    Parisa has already offered great insight and I only had one extra thought to look into as a possibility….Helicobactor Pylori, which is a known infectious cause of stomach cancer and a certain kind of lymphoma, called MALT that affects the mucosal lymphatic tissues. It is a spirochetal infection, just like Lyme disease, and corkscrew in shape (has been tied to RA, so can’t help but wonder what other rheumatic or neuro diseases it may lead to, as well. It usually infects a person by mouth, so not unlike mono, from which you’ve also suffered, one must wonder if close familial connections might also increase transmission. It has both a latent (dormant) and active form, so one might not even know one is infected….just like Lyme, too. Here’s a little schpiel about it.


    Just a thought to consider…especially with the digestive issues you mentioned suffering post-partum. The immune system takes a huge hit during pregnancy and women are very immune-suppressed due to high levels of hormones (which are steroidal, after all). Once a woman has her baby, the immune system kicks back in, but those hormones plummet drastically, which is often why infectious organisms start to be picked up again after enjoying a nine-month period of very little immune surveillance.

    Btw, I have a friend who was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer this past fall…she’s okay, thankfully…but I did some research while she was going through it and there is some thought now that endometriosis is actually an “autoimmne” disease…so gotta wonder (if one adheres to stealth pathogens causing “AI” diseases), if some precipitating infection might have been at play here, too?


    I had H pylori. and it is currently being investigated as a cause of my possible reactive arthritis. If you had this you would probably know. it was hell in a handbasket! worst experience of my life. worse than the joint pain i get now which is probably related because thats when i started getting my sore back and chronicly swollen lymph nodes. the stomach symptoms were absolute hell though thats the only way I can describe it. i lost a ton of weight. was sick for 2 months took 3-4 months before i felt normal again. 2 years later joint pain ensued and 9 months later this is where i sit. recovering again with minor stomach issues, mostly joint pain and burning legs. sore back in the morning that goes away when I take a hot shower and go for a run, only to return upon waking up the next day. sometimes it doesnt come back sometimes it does. very intemittent. oh an I also had chronic sinusitis as well. funny thing it went away for the first time since H pylori when I started AP! coincidence? I think not!! you should get a stool sample and breath test for H pylori. especially if your gassy and burp alot. not keeping food down was a major problem when I got sick with this.


    Hi C,

    As far as cause is concerned — before infection, that is — I’m convinced that it’s down to nutrition and toxic exposures. There are fascinating old experiments by McCarrison in which he fed one group of pigeons an optimal diet and other groups, sub-optimal but good enough that they looked fine. Then he exposed the groups to various infectious agents. The pigeons with the poor diets got sick and died, while the pigeons with the great diet sailed on without any problem — did not get sick at all.

    Sorry this link is to his whole text:


    Also, according to Natasha Campbell-McBride of GAPS, we inherit the nutritional status of our mother. So as the American food supply has gotten more and more substandard, each generation gets more prone to disease.

    Toxic exposures to plastics, cleaning fluids, amalgams, vaccine adjuvants, and on and on all contribute to overwhelming our bodies, already struggling from diet deficiencies. They can wreak havoc with hormone stability and really mess up the central nervous system.

    So I think for preparing to wage war on whatever infections we have, it’s just as important to go for optimal nutrition and to make an effort to detoxify our environment as much as we can. Impossible to be perfect, but small changes can make a big difference.

    I hope AP helps and you don’t have to wait too long to feel it working!



    I sent you a PM with some info regarding DR.R…..



    @Ruffian wrote:

    **big question…I have an apt for Feb 23 for a Rheumatologist. But I could travel over to Lakeland & see Dr.R who is an AP doctor. Which would be better? Will Dr. R do all the tests?

    Ruffian, Suzy is probably better placed to answer the Dr. R question as she is his patient – thanks, Suzy!!! No one knows these docs better than the folk who actually see them and I know Suzy will provide you with all the good info she can.

    You know, some folk prefer to keep a rheumy on hand when they begin AP and for monitoring throughout. It’s really a personal choice, as sometimes rheumies can provide services that AP docs don’t, so it’s possible to have a team of docs at your disposal, if that’s what you’d prefer. As people begin to recover on AP, however, some even drop their rheumy, as there is little need for regular monitoring of labs, x-rays, supportive meds, etc. It’s really a personal choice, Ruffian, and what is within your comfort zone. I think I’m pretty fortunate, because my Lyme doc is in internal medicine and has a background in immunology and microbiology, so he’s able to run any labs needed for me that a rheumy could do. I’ve chosen not to see a rheumy, at all, as there really isn’t any service one could provide that my Lyme doc can’t.


    Hi ruffian

    I know this is a old post!! But your systems are the same as mine … Well I traveled such a similar road!!
    When I was younger I was always sick! Well aroun the age of 7 I think it all started I started getting dizzy spells never mention it to my parents…. Had step and tonsilitis sensitivity to noises that was interminent though! At the age of 16 had mono and Ebstein bar… and then my hip would hurt when I was running (I was a runner) I multiple tests run! Neg!!
    So as life went the pain pain in my hip would come and go!

    There after I would get random pains behind my knees and cramps in calves and I just thought that’s cause I was a runner! I had some spider veins behind my knees so I just thought that was the reason! (the first spider vein I ever had was at the age of 12) yeah not so normal!! I was so self conscious … But anyway

    At the age of 18 I had some heart palpitations i didnt think much of it at the time! I was entering the
    Medical field and always made a excuse for my symptoms.. (maybe to much caffeine) So as I got into my 20s my digestive tract never worked properly well I should say after I had mono! But it got worse!! I was having bloating and severe pains! I finally went to the doc! And they just wanted to give me pills!! I refused them went. To a Gi doc and found I had H pylori .. So as I was on treatment for that… I was getting pins and needles all over my body even my face !! I couldn’t lay my head on the pillow!! After day four of pins and needles I went to the ER they said I might have MS or it could be my thyroid! Cause it was borderline hypo thyroid! So MRI was clean no MS! I tested neg for lyme.. So the docs conclusion to give me anxiety pills I hyperventilated! Haha I don’t trust to many docs for that reason! Shortly after I stopped the month treatment of 800mg a day of amoxicillin the symptoms resolved!! a year later got I to car accident hit from behind and then the neck started!!

    Age 22 A month later I started getting knee pain!! And I went to a ortho! Knee just kept swelling up! I just assumed it was from running! I just didn’t want to go to the doc again! When the knee resolved went to gym and started running my gait was of and my chest would hurt and shoulder!! So I just ignored it!!! I was like well I might have sinus problems and my arm and chest hurt from running …
    At 28 I was interminably tired achey everything hurt!!!! I was driving home from my fianc

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