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    Met someone at a social gathering this weekend who happened to be a detail man for Lederle in the 1980.s –It was actually Lederle who brought out Minocin –when Wyeth purchased Lederle -the went after the market two-fold –Sold Brand Minocin through Wyeth and came up with a so-called generic that was sold through Lederle at a different price structure –this worked dramatically as they completely had the acne market until accutane came out !!! The sad part of all this was that their own salesmen were never aware that it could be used for rheumatic diseases !!!!


    Interesting yet disheartening. Thanks for sharing what you learned, Richie. I tried to find “Harold’s” website where he documented the history of Minocin and looks like his site expired in 2012. It’s possible when he documented the history, some of the facts got misconstrued. He was a trusted resource by the rheumatic community but even historians may surmise sometimes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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