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    Hi everyone…

    I’m an “old timer” when it comes to AP, and I’m hoping to get some advice from my fellow RA’ers… I promise to make my history short and get to the point.

    Diagnosed with RA in 2011- Strong family history of Rheumatoid Arthritis in my Dad’s side family.
    Began AP July, 2012 (50 mg M-W-F). Experienced immediate response. Within a month I experienced I “herx” then got better- complete remission waking up one day with NO pain.
    First remission lasted for about 2 months, then started having problems again. Lowered dose, took break, gradually got better, began ramping up my dosage again and become so ill that I was bed ridden- could not tolerate even (1) 50 mg capsule per week. Switched to Doxy for a few months… Not sure if I was flaring or herxing, but felt like death. AP doctor switched me back to Mino, however prescribed 10 mg capsules for a slow and low approach. Slowly began getting better almost immediately- not sure if this was due to the Mino or the fact that I got off Doxy, but sustained a return to health/remission from December, 2013-September, 2015, during which time I was on a low-dose of Watson Mino (20-20-20 M-W-F) and gradually tried increasing the dose by 10 mg every so often. In September I started sliding backwards and haven’t been right in about a year.

    Since July of this year I’ve been on Watson Mino 50/50/50 M-W-F. I’m tolerating it okay this time around, but I can’t tell if I’m “herxing” or if I’m just getting worse from an RA perspective.

    I’m looking for thoughts about what might be going on, or if I need to try a different approach?
    Two additional symptoms- leg swelling and yellow tongue. Should I be concerned? Killer knee pain… Sigh.

    Current regiment:
    Watson Brand Mino: 50/50/50 M-W-F
    (1) Aleve 2x daily

    Thanks much,


    How much probiotic are you taking and has your doctor thought about perhaps increasing your dose


    Hi Richie,
    I’m only taking (1) capsule per day of the following:
    Ther-Biotic Detox Support vegcap
    Probiotic Supplement
    50+ Billion CFUs

    Nobody has mentioned increasing the dose.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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