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    I decided to make a separate post for question on heart pain. I will first address big picture since it will help answer what to do regarding the heart pain.

    i know a lot about natural remedies regarding heart because i had peripheral artery disease over 10 years ago in my late 40s. i could barely walk. i did resolve it. here is what i know about heart problems.

    1. Blood pressure should NOT be treated. The underlying problem needs to be addressed. It’s as ludicrous as somebody focused on treating the temperature of a fever.

    2. Cholesterol levels should be ignored. There is a lot of information on internet regarding the myth of cholesterol. Cholesterol is good for you. It’s the bodies way of protecting you from inflammation. Cholesterol even flow through the lymphs and they never have the same problems as arteries.

    3. Long term Statin medications are damaging to the body.
    Long term use of coumadin causes increased calcification of arteries. They found using it made no difference in death rate.
    Short term use of coumadin is ok. Short term use of many prescription drugs can usually be tolerated.
    Aspirin use is obsoleted with the use of below remedies. Do not use aspirin with them.

    What’s the critical thing that separates the people who die from strokes and heart attacks from ones that don’t. The latter have CLEAN arteries. That is the bottom line about heart disease. If you clean the plague and calcification from arteries, your arteries will be healthy. One needs to focus on HEALTH OF THE ARTERIES.

    My own health history include peripheral artery disease I got over 10 years ago in my late 40s. It got so bad I could hardly walk. blood coagulation within me is chronic problem.

    How does one clean the arteries ?

    One needs to clean the plaque and calcium from arteries

    To clean Plaque – use fibrinolytic enzymes on empty stomach. There are no side effects. It protects against heart attacks and strokes. China has done thousands of studies on the fibrinolytic enzyme call lumbrokinase and this is what their studies concluded. Those studues will never be done in the US due to the implications for prescription medications.

    I found that using both nattokinase and serrapeptase together worked best. Anecdotal reports concur with this. It took 3-4 weeks before all my symptoms started dissipating. I had no trouble walking.

    I have seen people say that nattokinase is a “blood thinner”. NO. It is a CLOT BUSTER. It will remove clots over time. It may take 3-4 months to remove 50% of a clot. It should be able to replace coumadin and TPA although this will never be scientifically verified due to the implication for existing drugs.

    Do not use aspirin with fibrinolytic enzymes. There was one rare case of brain hemmorhaging associated with daily use of aspirin. It didn’t make any sense to use aspirin anyway. This doesn’t mean you can’t take it occasionally. Chronic use of aspirin is the danger. Aspirin becomes obsoleted for heart problems when using the enzymes.

    If there are still some weakness or stamina problems in the legs, it could be due to lack of creatine or lymph flow. Creatine decreases as one ages. Horse Chestnut extract can help with lymphs. There are formula version that may work if that doesn’t work.

    To clean calcification – Use vitamin K2 with D3 and Vitamin A (and some calcium) so it can manufacture enough MGP. I am using 200 mcg with 8000 IU of D3 every day with my main meal. This will also remove some plaque also.

    Since people have different degrees of plaque and calcification they need to experiment with both. someone with primarily calcification may not see much results using fibrinolytic enzymes. This is why some people have blood pressure drop using nattokinase but others won’t. It is important to address the plaque first since that will kill you first.

    It cost me $14 to $17 a month maintenance to address heart disease.

    Other problems

    Heart palpitation can be addressed pretty quickly with Blackstrap Molasses. It has high iron content.

    Angina – many people have used Cayenne Pepper successfully

    When it is a mystery, the burden is on you to become a detective.

    As far as heart pain goes, that is kind of murky area since other things can mimic that also. i remember going to hospital many decades ago because i felt like i was having a heart attack. they found nothing. looking back, the cause were likely costochondritis (although i didn’t realize it for decades – i had a zillion problems and that was buried under them) and gastro reflux. Heck gastro reflux can mimic respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis also. I also can get a chest muscle cramp on occasion that feels like a heart attack. There are much rarer problems like potassium related.

    When I am dealing with a mystery, I go thru the process of elimination. try the plaque and calcification removal for a couple months and see if they go away. try the cayenne pepper and molasses also. Menstruation can cause lot of iron loss.

    even if cayenne resolves your problem i would focus on getting your arteries healthy irregardless. it will protect you against heart attacks and strokes.

    by process of elimination, you can focus your detective efforts more as time goes by.

    Chronically ill people have a cascade of medical problems but so many of them can be self treated if one is motivated to take the time to inform themselves. I do realize being in a weakened condition can make that an arduous task. I remember decades ago that just being at computer for a half hour wore me out but i persisted. Financial resources can be another obstacle so I just hope my own research and experimentation can benefit someone else.

    Please let other people know about these options.

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