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    RBF Friends,

    More and more, I have begun seeing the terms “Functional Medicine” and Functional Medicine Physician” and reading information. This field of medicine seems to be springing up all over the country… as physicians and patients are learning about this field. I see this as physicians who are recognizing how people are suffering unnecessarily, and want to be involved with this type medical treatment.

    There are references below to “Functional Medicine” (and Functional Medicine Physicians). With the diagnoses most of us have — or develop in “domino falling” progression, it is (or CAN BE) very important to have a physician knowledgeable of Functional Medicine, who I understand treats the “causes” and not just addresses our unpleasant symptoms.

    Here are links I’ve saved, and thought if some of you are not yet acquainted with the seemingly new terms “Functional Medicine” and “Functional Physicians”, it might be good for all of us to become better acquainted with these terms and specialties. I remember recently seeing a link which patients can do an online search and find these in their areas, or closer to their area. You may be interested to know that one of the best-known and respected clinics (Cleveland Clinic) has announced publicly their decisions about including this field of treatment in the clinic.

    All of the above makes me very, very happy — because all of us need medical providers with this knowledge, and gives us more hope (and hopefully finanacial relief, and lots more)!

    Several links found from a search done (and there were more):

    Functional Medical Doctors & Information Links
    1. Institute for Functional Medicine > Home
    The template for applying systems biology in clinical practice is emerging to create better outcomes for patients, and we are moving from medicine for the average to …
    o What is Functional
    Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of…

    Best to you all…. AF

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