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    I started my 3rd semester of college at the beginning of February. Since my doctor lowered my MINO dose, I have been actually getting better(strange).

    I only take it Monday and Thursday. I now have alot more hair rapidly appearing all over my body, and I’m Italian so that’s a normal thing( haha). Anyway, my heart has been improving too. I’ve been having PVC’s with my heart every 3 seconds, every hour, every day, seven days a week, since I was about 16. For 3 weeks I haven’t had one single PVC, but I have noticed that my heart beats faster than it used to, not sure why.

    I got an update from Dr. Neubig in Michigan that his team is making progress with their cure for SD. Which is a good thing.

    But more than anything we need to understand the supernatural component of all of this, and that is what I want to get to the bottom of. There is a lot of sorcery and occultism in my family history, and I know for a fact that skin disease is usually a direct result of such practices, even to those who never personally took part in it.

    I think before we test for Lyme and do all these other things we need to think about the spiritual side of things. Even DR. F says that alot of this is caused by demons.

    I pray for you all, that you would see the light in such an age of falsehood. After all, I try to be understand that most of you probably have no faith, but the truth is the truth regardless.

    This could be my last post ever on here, and I will pray for God to show me the truth through this. He will deliver me, and once I have overcome this I will show anyone who needs help.

    God bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen


    I find this highly insulting and it really should be deleted –how dare anyone question my faith

    I am really pissed off —

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    @justdiagnosedchris wrote:

    After all, I try to be understand that most of you probably have no faith, but the truth is the truth regardless.

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