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    Richie – then don’t read my threads, but I am sure quicker more effective ways are out there and have read many about them. I have no idea why you keep insulting me nor why the admin me of this forum allows you to keep insulting. I have not insulted you once in any writings, yet you find a way to find an insult on anything and everything, no matter how ridiculous what you say is, together with exaggerated explanation marks!!!!!!!!! We are all here for a purpose to learn and share from all different experiences. If my writing of alternative methods offends you so much, which I have no idea why, please do not read, and please do not comment anymore either and ADMIN if you are listening/reading I do believe something needs to be done here as I truly thought this forum was helpful to all areas of sharing ideas and thoughts over and above AP alone.

    There are many threads on other forums about fasting as helping a lot in RA, also many books. Have no idea why this is not seen as potentially helpful to some that are looking for other potential help and hinderance to one or why such ideas would be even remotely offensive…It seems more like obvious forum trolling than anything, and again, I look forward to when the ADMIN catches up on things and potentially deletes you from the forums.

    Thank you,


    Reactive Arthritis, since June 2015.
    Current Meds: Been on Minocin 200mg daily since November 2016, now on M/W/F 200mg AP.

    Supplements Daily: 2 caps Krill Oil, 20mg Astaxanthin, 10IU Vitamin D3, 1g NAC, 24mg of boron a day.

    Alternative: Periodic use of home made collodial silver 150ml daily. TCM herbs to target infection, heat and inflammation. Acupuncture to relieve pressure and release heat. 2tbs of organic coconut oil. Oral form of essential oils frankincense and oregano. Topical form of e

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Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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