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    To help with skin discolouration how much vitamin C should I take. Ester C has been recommended. Should it be taken morning or night? Anything else that can help with this problem? I am using a skin whitening formula Stieva and Obagi to try to get rid of the greying.

    Thank you very much for your help.


    Diagnosed with RA in 2004. Taking minocycline M W F 100mg 2xday. Weekly Myers cocktail and Glutathione. Taking B vitamins, fish oil, probiotics, vit E, calcium, vit D, DHEA, zinc, magnesium taurine, curcumin, msm, GLA, vitamin C. Using topical ointments for pain such as Voltaren. Drinking lactose free milk, eating lean meat such as chicken and fruits and veggies. Exercising 3 times a week. My side effects of mino are hyperpigmentation of my face/neck and darkening of my gums and whites of eyes.

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