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    I have been taking mino MWF 100mg/day and have been doing well.  I developed hyperpigmentation and so I am switching to doxy.  Does anyone know what an equivalent dose would be for doxy? 



    Usually it is the same dose but personally I would go for Erythromycin mainly due to the fact that the Doxy is not as strong as the Mino. But that could be just the one we have here in Aust.  I have just had a change to Erythramycin and wish I had done it a long time ago.  My change to Doxy was a disaster because it was not strong enough and I started getting chest pains again.

    Just my opinion. 

    I do not know what your dose is but if it is daily I am on the same dose of Eryth as I was on the Mino.  I just switched straight over the next day.  My face and neck are a mess because of the Mino.  I had a moustache and black face and neck.  I could not take it any more covering myself with all this make up, is driving me nuts.   Have heard it could take a year to leave.  Oh well guess it is better than not using it.  It saved my life so you cannot have it all ways.  That was the way I thought anyway.

    Thought I would ask for a switch and glad I did.


    Hi Renee,

    On rheumatic.org in their FAQ section, under #2 a subheading, titled, “WHAT ANTIBIOTICS ARE USED AND WHAT IS THE DOSAGE?”  


    Here you will find suggested dosing (as per Dr F in Riverside, CA) for the various abx used in AP.  As Rosemary said, doxy is used in doses as mino, but in higher doses for tetracycline.

    Just thought you'd find this link helpful, as it pretty much covers all the corners for IVs as well as other alternatives/combos, such as azithromycin.

    Peace, Maz

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