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    This is one of the most interesting articles I have read in a long time and I wanted to share it:
    “She’s got a radical approach for the age of superbugs: Don’t fight infections. Learn to live with them”

    From the article:
    “Her approach, in a nutshell: Stop worrying so much about fighting infections. Instead, help the body tolerate them.”

    ““We’re focused only on making new antibiotics,” Ayres said. “And that’s an arms race that we’re never going to win.”

    ““It’s essentially a completely new class of drugs, a completely new therapeutic strategy,” said Medzhitov, who himself is heading a startup called Vendanta, which aims to hunt for new classes of microbial drugs to treat autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.”

    “In another study, Ayres found a bacterial protein called SlrP (pronounced “slurpee”) could keep mice from dying of salmonella infection. Mice infected with a mutant salmonella strain that did not include the protein ate less, lost weight, and died more quickly than mice infected with regular salmonella.

    Ayres and researcher Sheila Rao found that the SlrP protein in wild salmonella blocked signals that the gut normally sends to the brain to tell it to stop eating — and helped keep the mice it had infected alive and eating well.

    “Salmonella has actually evolved ways to keep us healthy,” Rao said. They have a vested interest in doing so: As long as we keep eating and moving about, the salmonella can continue to flourish and spread to other hosts.”

    Changed to hyperlink to the article so that article image and text is not embedded into the post which takes up a lot of bandwidth. Thanks for your understanding. RBFV

    Mom of teen daughter with Poly JIA since age 2. Current med: azithromycin 250 mg MWF.


    I cant open the article but this is interesting. I am doing LDI – low dose immunotherapy in addition to LDN and minocycline. LDI is based somewhat on this thinking that the body can co-exist with a great many pathogens but the trouble begins when the immune system becomes over reactive to them. The theory is to minimize the over response rather than kill the pathogen. I don’t really know how it is working for me but I think it is. I am pretty stable so I keep with these 3 things as I think they are pretty safe and inexpensive. Thank you for sharing. If you wouldn’t mind PM me the link to the article if possible please Suzanne? I think my doctor would be interested. Thanks!

    Systemic Scleroderma since 2010. Lyme and Myco P. AP and many other antibiotics and treatments since Nov. 2011. Presently mostly in remission other than fatigue.
    Teva Minocycline 100mg a day. Dessicated tyroid, LDN 4.5, LDI, hawthorne, curcurmin, berberine,, caprylex, reishi mushroom, liver protect, zinc,, fish oils, magnesium, vit K2, d3, bcomp, E, C


    I will pm and also repost the link here:

    She’s got a radical approach for the age of superbugs: Don’t fight infections. Learn to live with them

    It still worked for me, but there was a different article I found a few days later, and it wouldn’t let me read it without subscribing. I was worried that had happened with this article, but it doesn’t seem like it. Sorry for the delay, I didn’t have it set to notify me of replies!

    Mom of teen daughter with Poly JIA since age 2. Current med: azithromycin 250 mg MWF.

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