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    Hello.. I was wondering if there are any doctors who accept patients via phone or video chat? If so, can anyone private message me the information please? Quick background- Rheumatoid Arthritis, former user of Mino (some success) looking to try it again. No doctors nearby in my state. Not in a position to travel.


    Hi Woods1977,
    I too, am a former user of mino. I just came back to this forum as I have started mino again and am trying to wean off prednisone. I had a bit of a remission the first attempt, then when I had to switch to a different AP Dr my symptoms became so bad that I had to go on prednisone. Hoping Maz sees this

    Diagnosed with RA in 2012
    Fifth Disease in '03
    Lyme? in 2000?
    Had radioactive ablation of hyperactive thyroid in 1997
    autoimmune thrombocytopenia resolved
    Anemia resolved with treatment of RA with Minocycline
    Blood type: B neg

    Minocycline 50mg once a week
    Levothyroxine .88mg
    Liothyronine 5mg
    Methotrexate 20 mg once a week

    Folic acid
    Vit D
    Cbd balm
    Flexaril as needed
    Ventolin inhaler
    Lactibiane probiotic


    As far as I know, in order to prescribe drugs, a doctor in any state in the U.S. needs to see you in person at least once a year. Once a year is a minimum for prescriptions but you can Skype a Doctor in any location for a consultation without a prescription anytime. Because of this restriction, we have had to travel in person to our doctors once a year and then we could do our follow-ups over the phone or using Skype.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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