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    Does anyone have any feedback on Dr. K in Woodbury, Minnesota. We called and made an appointment with him. I was first told that his practice is closed, but I then asked if he would be willing to take on a new patient and explained the situation to receptionist and she put in a request and Dr. K agreed to accept us. Any feedback appreciated. Thank you!

    RA diagnosis 2015 - positive anti-CCP. Currently Clindamycin 1200 mg weekly; Turmeric supplement; probiotic; fish oil; vitamin D3; lysine; zinc; MSM. Minocycline therapy from 2015-2017. Gluten free and dairy free diet. Severe dairy intolerance. Tested positive for M. Pneumoniae igG


    I believe that RJR1066 sees him. You may want to send her a PM as she is not on the boards as much because she is feeling well. She did post about Minocin substitutions a month or so ago, so she may be around more these days.

    Symptoms started in 9/16 after 2 miscarriages, diagnosed with Lyme 4/17, Daughter born 6/17 (not breastfeeding). ANA negative by IFA as of 8/17, positive by ELISA with positive Anti-DSDNA antibodies the same month (false positive?). Symptoms that have come and gone include sicca and skin tightening and telangiactiasia. Currently dealing with migraines, arthralgia, morning stiffness, neuropathy, slight swelling, slightly elevated liver enzymes, and bubbly urine. Current protocol: minocycline 100 mg QID, azi

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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