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    A Friend

    @Jan Lucinda1 wrote:

    A friend said her biologig dentist sells the xylitol gum.

    I’m thinking you have me mixed up with someone else. The only time I mentioned purchasing xylitol that I recall was for purchasing it a couple of years ago to make some healthy sweets for my husband. Never did make those sweets, but I do have a recipe for making a healthy toothpaste with coconut oil, and perhaps xylitol. I’ve never mentioned my dentist selling anything.

    Eva Holloway

    at this point of time I couldn’t even chew gum after all the extractions I had done and now having upper and lower plates, lol. And my dentist doesn’t sell that, but they told me to get something for dry mouth called “Xylimelts” you use them during the night. it’s like a mint that you stick in your mouth and it works during the night. I haven’t used it yet but do have some

    Eva 😆

    Eva Holloway

    Jan Lucinda1

    A friend- I meant someone I know who is a friend, not your username ‘A friend’. Misunderstanding.

    Eva- I’ve seen the mints advertised also. I think they give the same benefit.


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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