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    I called Doc's office for my bloodwork the other day and spoke with the nurse.  She said Doc just went over my bloodwork and it is fine.  It shows no infection.  i asked if I should start taking anything and she ssaid no and I could start putting gluten slowly back in my diet too.  She said they should get my stoole samples at the end of next week and we'll go from there.  I don't get it.  My RH factor is 571 and CCP is over 60 which is high, but no AP.  I also had a vitamin D test and ANA and D is low ANA was okay so I don't have Lupus.  Any thoughts?  I do get pain in my hands, feet and shoulder, but it is not often.  When I get it my other doc always gave me a cortisone shot and I would be good for about 6-12 months.  i just don't want this to get any worse.  I have had a high RF for 3years now.

    A Friend

    Hello Wendi,

    Longterm, it would probably be very good if you asked for copies of all your tests at the time they are discussed with you, or ask that they be mailed to you. 

    We don't know how long we will be going to any given physician.  The tests can be very helpful to us for comparison, etc.  Also, if you go to any new physician, these tests can be helpful and even sometimes save us from having to have some tests re-done. 

    From numerous patients over the years, we hear how some nurses and/or doctors are reluctant to give patients copies of their labs.  Since with chronic illnesses we often have to become (somewhat any way) our own physicians, we have a legal right and a need to have these records.  It is much easier to get them each time than to try to accumulate them later on.  A good looseleaf notebook dedicated to your medical information can be very helpful, along with keeping food diaries, etc.  

    About the comment the nurse said about your celiac test and you could resume eating certain foods, on http://www.drrima.com a very good AP physician has much on celiac “syndrome”, and it is her belief that we can test negative for true celiac, and yet our gastrointestinal system can still respond “as if” we had true celiac disease when we eat grains with gluten — common is that our membrane lining is compromised and absorption of nutrients is difficult, and grains/gluten are naturally hard to digest. (Cattle fed grains for fattening them and profit have been a source of E. Coli; cattle were meant to be grass-eating animals, and the grains cause gastro problems and give rise to organisms they would not ordinarily have.)   Also, the AP physician whose site is above has her patients avoid milk, as she says it can also be a culprit along with gluten.  You might like to glance over the articles on her web site.   

    Good luck to you,


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