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    Here is a very interesting article about Belle’s Palsey of the gut and the role Lyme, Mycoplasma and Bartonella can play in it. It appears that Belle’s Palsey is not limited to the facial muscles but may also involve partial or whole paralysis of any part of the gastrointenstinal tract including the espohagus etc. Might be an interesting read for people who have swallowing difficulties.


    Parisa, what a fascinating and thorough article! And I had almost missed it!
    About 1-2 months ago Maz supplied a link (which I cannot find now) not calling it Bell’s Palsy of the Gut, but describing either the same thing or something very close to it.
    I wonder if anyone with Lyme has noticed any of the symptoms mentioned.
    It was the first time I saw those weird sensations described anywhere (intestinal spasms, excitability of gut muscles). Your link even gives solutions. Prior to Maz’s link, I had been wondering if I had started hosting some tapeworm trashing like a whip in my intestines! It feels like a 1,5 foot long stick moving back and forth about 4 inches across. Always the same place. And maybe too vertical to really follow any anatomical part of the intestines. No pain, but definitely a very weird feeling. I had done a parasite cleanse and later on did the tests: no parasites present. I’ve had this for a year now, as long as regular Belle’s Palsey. I don’t know if I have Belle’s of the Gut (not all symptoms apply) but spasms, gut pain, food intolerance and malabsorption are getting out of hand, and extend beyond foods normally tolerated by people on specific carbohydrate diet (no starch, no sugar. For me also now not even raw goat milk, eggs, fat, nightshades, even cauliflower. In fact any food can cause a reaction if I eat it 2 days in a row).
    This article contains everything: description, relation to other manifestations of Lyme and co-infections, case histories, tests, prognosis, antibiotics and other medication, most helpful supplements.
    It’s encouraging! Even Slippery Elm is listed. Yay!!!
    Warm wishes, Krys


    Hi Krys,

    Here’s to hoping that you are able to start correcting your gut issues and that you will be able to expand your food choices in the near future.


    Thank you, Parisa.
    I basically wanted to bump your post up because I find this article fascinating.
    I can relate to it so I added some personal experience. Maybe I shouldn’t have. Sometimes my judgement is off and I just don’t know if my describing something may be helpful to anyone or not at all. I’ll heal my gut. It makes for quite a different experience than I would have if I had my say!!!https://www.roadback.org/forum/posting.php?mode=reply&f=1&t=6113#

    I’m happy your husband’s surgery went well and keep my fingers crossed for full recovery of mobility. Warm wishes, Krys


    Great article, even should it to doc. He glanced at it and seemed to be familiar with it but I think I am on my way with that.
    What he did notice was my book: Cure unknown, Inside the lyme epidemic by Pam Weintraub, he made a comment on that as if he knew her.
    Anyway, thanks for that, I printed out so I don’t forget like I always do….LOL

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