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    As far as I know I do not have Babs but do have Bart. I was treated for 3 or 4 months of Levaquin. It was stopped almost 2 months ago. Now what? Doc started me on Tindamax but it killed my stomach so I went off. Since then I have had yeast and hive issues with no treatment. Dr. wants to see me which is a little difficult when you live 2 hours away and other issues preventing me from leaving for a day trip. Anyway, I cry every day, mostly in the shower, when I was on Levaquin, I did not have these crying spells. Is this really Bart? I thought Babs caused all the depression, anxiety, anger disorders and so forth.
    Why wait with treatment for Bart after an agressive treatment for 4 months? I know it is not over, I still feel it coming back strong and hard. I am scared, I feel like I wasted those months, I am now on nothing for lyme either due to hives and yeast.

    Can anyone explain the fibrin issue? My son takes the supplement nattokinese, is that really enough? He says he feels lightheaded in the morning again. Do some patients end up taking heparin along with the supplement and how often do you get blood tests for this?
    Thanks for help….


    Hi Kerry,

    It sounds to me like you might need to consider a different LLMD. Is your doctor truly Lyme literate or is he a dabbler? Is the only reason you don’t have any Lyme treatment going on because of the hives and yeast. The yeast could be treated with antifungals. Do you still have hives without the meds? I’m sorry you are going through this. It’s hard enough to deal with the disease, but doctor shopping is exhausting. However, in the long run if you find someone who can give you the right treatment it will be worth it.

    Is there a Lyme support group in your area or at least for your state? Maybe you could ask others what their experience with this doctor is and find out if there’s somebody better in your area. My husband’s LLMD was 8 hours away and in the beginning we made the long car trek every couple of months or so. After a while, we were able to space the appointment with telephone conferences also. It wasn’t ideal to have someone that far away but the doctor’s experience with Lyme made it all worthwhile in the end.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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