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    I take ibuprofen, tylenol and aleeve. I had a rash yesterday and today from my neck to my toes. I looked like I had a really bad sunburn. My hands were the most itchy and then my neck. How do you know what you are allergic to?

    Anyone have a reaction with a full body rash from medication such as tylenol, ibuprofen or naproxen sodium? How soon after taking it do you get itchy?
    Today I noticed that I got itchy after drinking decaf coffee and whipped cream, but I took it with ibuprofen and tylenol.

    Thank you for helping me.
    Merry Christmas!

    Jan Lucinda1

    You might stop taking them and see if it goes away. Or it might be eczema which I got awhile ago.


    I know that you should not take Aleve if you are allergic to Naproxen or Aspirin. You can also try to stop one medication for a week and see what happens. Sometimes when I have a rash on my foot /not big/ I take more probiotics and it stops immediately.
    Linda L.


    @valsmum wrote:

    I take ibuprofen, tylenol and aleeve. I had a rash yesterday and today from my neck to my toes.

    Do any of those pills contain dyes?


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    Thank you Jan, Linda and Phil.
    Phil, yes the ibuprofen has a dye. I tried not to take as much as I usually do, but I still have pain so is hard to stop taking it. I broke out three times from head to toe. I was scared. I did go to an allergist and he said it sounded like a medicine rash. well, it did not happen again and I stopped some of the nsaids and took salsalate instead for pain, but it made my stomach hurt.
    They gave me 20mg prednisone at the ER , benadryl and pepsid, it took away the rash after an hour or so.They wanted to give me 60mgs f prednisone, I would of ended up in a mental ward, that stuff makes me feel so uneasy.

    thanks again guys, hopefully it does not return

    Merry Christmas

    Jan Lucinda1

    Glad things are better!!!

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