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    So, before taking minocycline, I never had bacteria in my urine before.

    I’ve had this happen twice now. Once in December ( 6 months ago) and once yesterday. Both times on the lab test it read as ” Ur Bacteria 1+”

    I also had WBC’s yesterday and a significant amount of blood, but negative on Leukocytes Est and Nitrites so the ER doc said that by their standards I don’t have an infection. This whole issue with having bacteria never occured before I was on AP. I’ve been taking AP like I’m supposed to, as prescribed, and I’ve been keeping up on my probiotics. So I really don’t understand what’s going on.

    Can continue use of minocycline breed bacteria?

    Lynne G.SD

    Hi Chris;
    Do you man that you have a bladder infection?That would burn like h—- If it is a bladder infection the usual way to cure it is to take Cipro but no one with SD should stay on that for too long as it can cause us tendon injury. No taking mino will not breed bacteria


    I had bacteria in my urine but not an “infection”. Whatever that means. I have had one terrible UTI 4.5 years ago that nearly killed me. Was peeing solid blood and skin (sorry graphic) for 8 days.

    I am on macrobid right now. I was on cipro for that UTI that I had 4 years ago. It gave me some adverse effects but I made it back to normal. It really really sucks because if I am going to have to deal with kidney stones and urological issues for the rest of my life, then I really don’t wanna take cipro or drugs like it. Are there any other heavy duty antibiotics that can be used? Or do I have to choose between suffering side effects or dying of kidney infection-turned-sepsis?


    Hi Chris,

    Doxyxcycline is used to treat urinary tract infections, so if you were taking that daily then UTIs would probably be less of a problem for you. Trimethoprim is another antibiotic that can be used, and it can be taken along with doxy or mino without any problems.


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    Hi Chris, I’m curious to know what does that mean that you have bacteria but not infection? I have a post on maybe a similar subject. My urine tests are negative but I see bubbles in my urine so I know something is going on 🙄

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