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    I was diagnosed with sudden onset RA in July 2002. Later that year I started seeing a rheumy who put me on AP. I was also on, at various times, methotrexate (with very bad side effects), Embrel (good results but became allergic with a bad rash all over), Humira, plaquenil (resulting in macular degeneration), and prednisone. I am currently on 15 mg of prednisone and Arava. My current rheumy here in Costa Rica recently put me back on methotrexate, which resulted in extremely elevated liver numbers (I don't know what they mean since they are in Spanish).

    I am living in Costa Rica and Minocin is not available here. I haven't found an AP doc here, but just started back on doxycycline 3 days ago. I had some stockpiled that hasn't expired. I am hoping to find a doc here who will monitor my blood work and prescribe the doxy as needed. CR just changed it's laws this month and now requires a prescription for antibiotics, which was not required before.

    When I return to the states in September I hope to find a rheumy who will prescribe Minocin for me, which I hope to get at a reduced price on Medicare. I know Medicare provides for mail order prescriptions, so I'm hoping I can work that out.

    As for my progress on AP earlier, I saw no results but feel that perhaps other factors, i.e. diet and allergies, might have been retarding my progress. I am hoping to get some good advice on this factor.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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