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    This article outlines an expansion on the second of Pasteur's postulates that not only could infection be contagious, but that a predisposition to lack of immunity to an infection could be passed on from parent to offspring:

    From: “The Economist” – “A Germ of An Idea”.


    Peace, Maz

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    Hi Maz,

    Interesting article and i believe it.

    there are 3 generations in a row with disease here and the first generations maternal aunt died of lupus so…….thats really 4!:( Genetics is a factor here.

    Also, it is my belief that we were all infected with bacteria at birth whether it be through the placenta or the genital tract. I believe it can be passed as these bacteria are “infectious”. And myco pnuemoniae can be passed from a cough.In the end ,aside from genetics for those who have no family history, i guess it goes down to the immune system of the recipient when they are exposed to bacteria.. Everyone, everywhere has bacteria in their bodies. I cant see anyone alive without it and in this day and age, we have more environmental hazards that compromise the human body from heavy metals to GMO foods, to soil and air contamination to….etc. New bacteria evolve everyday and old mutate.

    If you also look at the whole scheme of things, cancer is rampant in certain families, rheumatic in some, celiac in others , etc etc. I think nowadays, everyone has something , probably all bacterial/viral based but how it is expressed is the question or answer per say.

    For MY FAMILY, we unfortunately have the genetic component in there big time It was funny as my hubby and i had this discussion the other day.We used to milk cows and goats and my father bred dogs.We always had lists of the genetic traits , good and bad, on these animals to pick who would breed to who for the best genetic qualities.( your father was a vet if i am not mistaken so you understand). I know this sounds probably crude, but really, if i had a genetic proof sheet here ,what would the traits appear as? I see it clearly so i can relate to any genetic articles and disease.

    This is not to say that i think this is GENETIC of all people with disease whether they are on this board or not, it is just what i believe is my family. Molecular misery!!!

    On that note and touching a subject of my own personal feelings, I do not blame  my mom, my great aunt, or GOD for these genetics, none of us had the genetic proof sheet but now we do.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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