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    When I’m holding an object that puts pressure on the skin of my hands, like if I’m holding my phone or a spoon, after only a few seconds the skin hurts and stays red and dented. I’m assuming it means something is going on with the blood vessels (vascular inflammation? Fibrosis?) My rheumetologist doesn’t know and isn’t being helpful.

    Just wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms.

    SD or MCTD with SD overlap. bartonella.
    minocycline 100mg BID, Naturethroid 32.5 mg daily, Azithromycin 250mg BID
    Fish oil, NAC, bovine colostrum, digestive enzymes, sublingual b12, Iodine, Monolaurin, L-glutamine

    Lynne G.SD

    Yes,I had that before diagnosis.I had to find cutlery that had rounded edges instead of squareish.Hurt like the dickens but went away in a year on AP


    Yes! My skin indents with light pressure.It’s widespread and throughout my body. I’ve been on AP for almost 6 months and I don’t notice skin pain any more. I do notice lines all over my body, but since I’m no longer feeling the prickling sensation of the tissue atrophying under my skin, it doesn’t bother me much.

    I’m feeling better and better every day. AP has been incredible for me. I’ve read some of your posts and it seems like we have many similarities. I’m also not diagnosed, but started treating Lyme disease after have scleroderma-like symptoms.

    Symptoms started in 9/16 after 2 miscarriages, diagnosed with Lyme 4/17, Daughter born 6/17 (not breastfeeding). ANA negative by IFA as of 8/17, positive by ELISA with positive Anti-DSDNA antibodies the same month (false positive?). Symptoms that have come and gone include sicca and skin tightening and telangiactiasia. Currently dealing with migraines, arthralgia, morning stiffness, neuropathy, slight swelling, slightly elevated liver enzymes, and bubbly urine. Current protocol: minocycline 100 mg QID, azi


    my hands do the same thing. i cant wear gloves with fingers because it causes numbness and coldness. difficulty putting bandaide on my fingers of too tight.

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