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    Hello, i was wondering if anyone could gave me some advice. I recently tested positive for both anti-centromere antibodies and Sc1-70 antibodies. When i researched this online it mentioned in quite a few scientific research articles tbat tbis is an incredibly rare occurrence only affecting 2% of the population. Also one is usually a false positive. Does anyone know if tbis is usually the case or whether it is possible to have botb antibodies simultaneously?

    Lynne G.SD

    The best place to answer all SD questions is at http://www.sclerodermainfo.org


    Hi APromise…

    Lynne is right that you might find more specialized insight with regard to autoantibody presentations at the link she provided. However, if you’re interested in pursuing treatment with AP, you have found the right place.

    Just my two cents, for what it’s worth, folk arrive here with a multitude of overlapping antibody presentations and these can change and morph over time. Just as a point of possible interest, I was watching Stanford’s Grand Rounds after the pandemic started, and they were reporting all kinds of autoantibody aberrations as a result of Covid, a number of whom developed positive scleroderma autoantibodies. At that early stage, however, they weren’t able to provide insight as to whether these signaled new-onset scleroderma, or if the autoantibodies were just transient bystander artifacts of the infection and would normalize during the recovery phase.

    This is the video, if you have an interest – both autoantibodies are mentioned in this talk:

    Autoantibodies and Covid-19: Stanford Dept of Med Grand Rounds 3/31/21

    In any case, people have reported here that autoantibodies recede in time once starting the therapy. For others, they may wax and wane or never go away.

    Hope you find your answers and will share them here when you find out.


    Lynne thank for taking the time to reply and for that excellent link, it was very informative and helpful.


    Hi Maz, thank you so much for your very detailed reply and for the link to the Standford Dept of Medicines Grand Rounds video.

    It’s very interesting to note that it seems to be a common occurrence, that many people on this site seem to present with overlapping antibodies. This gaves me a lot of reassurance that my particular presentation of autoantibodies is not some strange Medical anomaly.
    Furthermore, it is also fascinating to learn that these autoantibody aberrations are being observed in patients with covid.
    I firmly believe though I cannot definitively prove this theory that a UTI followed by covid was instrumental in causing these aforementioned antibodies along with being borerline positive for Lupus too present in my blood tests. However, this was after five months of on going symptoms and I do wonder if the hyperinflammatory state triggered by covid has been a factor in developing the specfic antibodies. Morover, I have read in different scientific
    articles that there numerous reports of autoimmune disorders and rheumatologic disorders developing after the covid infection,
    Anyway I just wanted to thank you again, I really appreciate your extensive medical knowledge, support and encouragement and I will definitely be interested in the AP protocol and in sharing any information that I learn on this subject with this forum.

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