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    Hello friends,
    I have been absent from this board for years, but I know helpful it was to have hopeful posts back when this all started, so I thought I’d send a quick update. I started the Antibiotic Protocol for 3 months in 2006, then switched to MP. I’ve had especially good success lately. Last summer I started to apply clindamycin, in powder form, directly to several areas in my mouth. I started with the area where I’d had my lower wisdom teeth pulled and noticed that after a few applications (only a little bit, every other day), I could feel the antibiotics travel through the nerves throughout my mouth and even into my head. After palpitating several other areas in my mouth, I found that they also were sore, so I applied the antibiotics to these areas as well. I continued to experience herx symptoms followed by improvements.

    Eventually, I worked my way to the tonsil region. Although it was hard not to gag, I was shocked to find burning inflammation under my tonsils, despite the fact that I didn’t really feel like I had a sore throat. I applied the clindamycin to this region with tremendous results. After a few applications, I would get a giant headache. It would last 2-3 days. Upon clearing, I would experience marked improvements in the loosening of tension around this area. I reapplied as I could- never sooner than every 48 hours, and sometimes I would wait up to a week to let the herx die down. I’ve targeted other areas in my mouth including my tongue and gums. It is amazing to feel where the nerves in those areas take the antibiotic when I apply it there. I can trace the pathways!

    After doing this for almost a year, I am so happy with the results. I have had vast improvements in my body. It amazes me that many of these improvements are no where near my mouth including my toes (which were aching), much diminished pain in my menstrual cycle, improved digestion/less food sensitivity, less sun sensitivity, and overall improved clarity in thinking.

    I think much of my recent improvement is due to applying the antibiotic so close to the vagus nerve in combination with the Benicar- but who knows! I am just so happy to be feeling so much better 😀

    Cheers to all and wishing you the best of health! xo J.

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