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    There is an Aussie co . that is a world leader in cellular medicine –the off the shelf selling of adult stem cells –they are allogeneic meaning they can come from strange donors –they are running studies for heart disease osteoarthritis all manners of back problems and quite a few others –including rheumatoid arthritis –so far Japan has approved it for Graft vs Host and its being sold in Japan –from what I can gather this may very well be the future in treating many many serious conditions —I wont mention the name because I do have an interest in the Co. –but I am certain our Aussie friends can easily find it !!!

    Lynne G.SD

    Hi Richie;
    Since they would not be one’s own cells I suspect one would have to be on anti rejection drugs(immunosuppressants) for life.Do you know anything about this?


    Hi No anti rejection needed its a certain type of stem cell –very technical -clled MLC or mesenchymal lineage adult stem cells


    Looks very interesting! Company is based in Melbourne

    Be well! Lynnie

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