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    Okay, all you “Experts” who have been through this – help!  I'm up for herxing as long as I know what I'm experiencing is “normal” (you know, that new normal that we all accept).  I'm almost 3 weeks into my Minocin regimen (200 mg/day), just added Nystatin twice a day, added Lyrica about a week and a half ago.

    I have brain fog so bad that I am lucky I remember to pick my daughter up from daycare.  I've had brain fog before but nothing like this.  I am honestly non-functional because I cannot get my brain cells to work. And I feel like my head is a bit disconnected from my body – not drugged feeling, but like when you have a high fever.  Today I just hit the wall in a big way and after dropping off my little one at daycare I crashed on the couch and slept most of the day.  Everything hurts (which I expected), but the incredible brain fog has me wondering if this is a normal part of herxing.  And is this as bad as it gets?  Just wondering how far down this hill I have yet to travel before I start going back uphill.



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