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    i ran across your site after getting a new diagnosis this morning:  rheumatoid arthritis.  i had a high + ANA 3 yrs ago with nucleolar pattern & was given a vague diagnosis of 'autoimmune disease, most-likely scleroderma' due to symptoms when other autoimmune tests were neg.   the last rheumy i saw actually said i had 'too many problems' & for me to come back when i got them narrowed down.  :doh:  i'm 47 yrs old with severe deg disk disease (have had 4 cervical epidurals which were more trouble than they were worth), osteoporosis, a sudden-but-brief paralysis neck-down 2 yrs ago, raynaud's, fibromyalgia, hypothroidism, yada yada yada, blah blah blah.  i've been on oxy for pain for about a year & had been trying very unsuccessfully to wean myself down – eventually off of – it; instead, lortabs were added today after i learned that this new intense hip pain that had me hopping on the other leg the past week isn't just more plain old arthritis or more from the sclero.  to say i'm a little down is probably the understatement of my lifetime.   i welcome any positive thoughts and/or information & will be doing a lot more online research before i go back in a week to discuss results of additional tests & x-rays done today.   thanks.



    Lots and lots of folks around here have gotten to feeling better using an antibiotic protocol

    while I am not a doctor that scleroderma diagnosis sounded really vague and came from a need to “label ” suggest you do some research into the antibiotic approach to trating RA or scleroderma –if you have any questions just ask away –good luck



    Hi Arkangel,

    Looking at your beautiful, serene picture, I never would have guessed in a million years that you have been through all that you have – truly a testament to the powerful spirit that must reside within you. Thank you for sharing yourself with us so openly in your very first post.

    Richie's suggestions are reliable and true – he's been around the block a few times with his own challenges and come through a winner. You will, too, as you seem so proactive about seeking out ways to be your own health advocate.

    Reading the RBF site through and getting hold of a copy of “The New Arthritis Breakthrough” by H. Scammel, medical writer for Doc Brown and also “Scleroderma – The Proven Therapy That Can Save Your Life” are excellent starting points. Also, posting a request for an AP doc in your area here on the BB to get going with the treatment. The sooner the better, as these diseases seem to turn around faster the earlier they're caught.

    This treatment can be a bit like moving three steps forward and two back at times, but in the end it works for the majority and just takes patience and perseverence…both traits you have probably achieved already at this stage.  There are a lot of very wise folk here, too, who generously give so freely of their time to support us through the ups and downs, so you won't be alone.

    Wishing you well, Arkangel…hang in there….we're all here to root for one another and you're now one of the gang!

    Peace, Maz

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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