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    I keep reading posts about the extortionate prices of brand name Minocin in America.

    Being in the UK, I don’t understand the health service over there.

    Can some one explain it to me please?

    Here, a three month supply on a private prescription is about £56, which converts to just $79.

    How can US insurance companies justify charging so much ? I don’t understand.

    Maciej P.

    Good question. I think that it is because “they can” 😉 … entire health system is extremely expensive in US.

    considere these images 😉

    March 2016:
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    Treated with MTX injections (10mg->15mg->20mg->15mg->12,5mg->10mg->5mg) for 2years. Almost total remission. 3 months after MTX quit - got RA again with trippled strength.


    I think it mostly greed with the pharmaceutical companies. Also they do a lot of advertising on TV and that costs a lot.


    There has been a trend in the United States for drug companies to acquire other drug companies and promptly raise prices of all the meds in that companies portfolios —THe US has a so called free market system where the price is dictated by whatever the drug company can sell it for –the only control are insurance companies which can and do refuse to cover that med –There is no governmental control over drug prices —Unlike most other countries where there are some sort of governmental controls over pricing ..Previously drugs companies in the US justified prices by the arguement that research costs had to be recovered —-Certain greedy companies have found it is more profitable to buy out companies with older meds and just jack up prices –hopefully this practice will end soon as governments are starting to apply pressure to correct this situation –=-I might add these companies doing this are international not only American —the Minocin supplier is Canadian —


    Richie, are you saying that name brand Minocin is being manufactured here in Canada, but not available to Canadians?


    Valeant Pharma purchased PreCision Pharma that had purchased OnSet a few years ago —Onset was the maker of Minocin and was a unit of PreCiaion –Valeant owns the entire thing now –they are a Canadian Co. –I assume the actual product is still made in the US –but not available in Canada


    Unfortunately, as Richie has pointed out, the pharma industry has been into the mergers and acquisitions business, which has led to the moving of head offices overseas in order to avoid taxes in the US, called “tax inversion.” In actual fact, this behavior is tax evasion, which if the common person was doing (like hiding monies in off-shore bank accounts to avoid tax) would be considered criminal. Today, it’s been announced that Pfizer has suddenly changed its mind about moving its head office to Ireland and walking away from a merger with Allergan, as new “rules” have been issued by the US treasury to discourage “tax inversions,” which is essentially tax evasion:


    Unfortunately, the people who have been suffering from such behaviors are the consumer.

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