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    I’m planning on taking this. Is this safe drug?


    Evidently you have gotten nowhere in your treatment for months —you never went to Penn –I got you a doctors name and you never followed up —-It looks like you throw darts at these various meds –either you are going to a lousy doctor or you are doing a lousy job trying to treat yourself –I go by results and you have no results —I was 10 times sicker than you –looked into many approaches –made a decision and got off my rear end and travelled almost 6 hours to see a specific doctor -who over time got me all better –but not you –you prefer to not step out of the box for treatment and seem comfortable complaining about your problems without getting off your butt and at least make a big effort to get yourself better —Get rid of that self pity and get yourself competent care !!”I plan on taking Macrobid”–whos decision is this –same line of sh-t I have read from you for months –wise up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The doc you recommend does not see patients. I was schedule with dr. Frank and a urologist goldestein. Saw both, where did I get with them? No where. They told me I should see a rehum.

    Urologist at Penn told me he isn’t sure about corneybacteria and he doesn’t have experience with arthritis.

    ID said post infectious arthritis and I should continue to follow up with rehum.

    My recent broth culture from special lab in United medical lab show growth of cogulase staph. Macrobid and cipro two sensitive drug.

    I told my penn doc about it and they refuse to write a script saying it’s normal skin bacteria. Really, idiot I have chronic urethritis.

    In last two months I have spend so much money getting no where.

    Just because doc is at Penn doesn’t make him smarter or more tune to treatment.

    They just don’t care. If it’s not abc.

    My condition is rare and req out of box thinking doc which my current ID does.

    There is no white / black ttestament and 90% of docs won’t trial and error with Abx.

    Richi, your prescription of treatment is simply a a blur hope. Thanks anyways for recommending a doc that doesn’t even see patient.

    And it’s not easy for me to see specialist every week. My copay is $100.

    Also, if you aren’t aware most doctors including Penn just don’t have specialized testing.

    For instance, I had a semen culture done at penn to find out if they can find any bacteria. What do they end up doing? A 48 hr culture and result staph and dismissed it without doing abx sensitive. Uro simoly said oh it’s skin contamination despite me telling him that I got reactive arthritis and chronic urethritis.

    Answer from Penn doc – LIVE WITH IT AND SEE REHUMI…this is not infection or urology issue. Wtf?


    So can you find me a doc that will guarantee me treatment of whatever so call bug I have without dismissing it as cross contamination?

    Also, those docs at Penn refuse to believe in lab results that isn’t from there own lab.


    Also, according to 99% of doc including so call university doc Reactive Arthritis = post infectious

    Prostatitis = no bacterial.

    That’s all they know.

    And trust me I spend thousands of dollars and travel to see doctors and I learn one thing most of them are on auto pilot meaning if it’s not cut and dry then they don’t know. Most Do Not Have ACESSES To special testing…

    Tell me about your doc who made you better, I’ll go see him.


    A friend of mine once went to see a specialist at Duke University. She went there while visiting her parents who lived in NC.

    Doctor: He looks at her and immediately says, “You have roseacea.”
    Patient: “Don’t you want to examine me?”
    Doctor: “No.”
    End of consultation.

    "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."
    - Albert Einstein


    Thats some consultation –THE doctor I used at Harvard was intent on proving that minocin worked to treat diffuse scleroderma –he really never examined me –rather that was left to my internist –he only sent me downstairs to their lab for tests –I used to drive to Boston from long Island every six months to see him for 15 minutes –unusual arrangement but it sure worked for me –THe other supporting meds were given to me by my internist —this team approach I found very productive —–AS far as I am concerned DR T walks on water !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!—Shame he retired but hope he is enjoying himself –from what I can gather hundreds if not thousands were helped by him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Incidentally –I couldnt drive straight through going home –so Mohegan Sun Casino became a needed overnight stopover !!!!


    So what’s your treatment mino? I’ve taken that drug as well doxy for on and off for 6 months for last three years.

    None of the abx help. Most of them end up causing side effect like making my blood pressure go insanely high.

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